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10 Energy Boosting Health Hacks

10 Energy Boosting Health Hacks

13, April 2016: Let’s face it we spend vast amounts of our time diligently going about our daily routine, cramming in numerous tasks and there’s seldom enough hours in the day to fit everything in.


If this sounds all too familiar check out Anita Lemon’s simple yet highly effective health hacks and give your health a boost.

1 – Sit tall

When you assume the slumped position you’re piling heaps of pressure on your vertebrae and discs creating tension in key neck and back muscles. It’s a slow descent over time, little by little you’ll naturally assume these incorrect positions and fatigue and crankiness will set in.

The good news is that great posture makes you feel great! Switching from the slouch to sitting tall has an immediate energy boosting impact that will make you less tense and more productive. What’s more this will kick-start your happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine giving you the added benefit of a positivity boost.

2 – That lovin feeling

Simply grabbing a couple of minutes in your day for a good old hug can have instantaneous health boosting effects. This is thanks to the release of oxytocin which lowers stress levels. Pets count too so don’t forget your canine and feline friends. Don’t have a partner or a pet? Fear not, according to the BBC, researchers from Japan have revealed that simply looking at cute images of puppies and kittens can drastically improve concentration and zap away stress.

3 – Hydrate

So we all know we need to drink enough water to prevent dehydration, right? If you’ve a dry mouth, have dipping energy levels, are tired and achy, have dry eyes and reach for the caffeine then despite all your best intentions you’re probably not getting enough of the pure stuff. Keep a regular water supply close at hand, sip regularly throughout the day and watch your energy soar.

4 – Get moving

Ask any Fitness Professional or Personal Trainer and they’ll tell you there are numerous reasons to regularly get out of the chair or off the sofa and make moving around a regular part of your day. According to Anita, you just need 5 minutes every half hour or so to prevent desk bound fatigue. She also advocates lifting something heavy, such as your natural body weight to keep key organs and muscles energised. So figure out a discreet area and go lunge and squat and feel the effects first hand.

5 – Stretch and Meditate

There’s a reason why there are so many different types of yoga class. This combination of gentle exercise and meditative movement kills stress, boosts well-being and lifts energy.

If you can’t commit to a class, check out the 5 Minute Yoga App for some awesome moves that take minimal time.

6 – Flash a smile

Feeling tetchy or a bit down in the dumps? Time to flash a big cheesy grin and bring on the happiness. According to a study run by Psychological Science positive facial expressions, even if you fake it, can make you feel a whole lot happier.

7 – Breathe properly

You only have to look at a young baby for the perfect example of proper breathing where the diaphragm is being deployed and the stomach area is slowly rising and falling. Incorrect breathing can rob the body of oxygen resulting in a feeling of frequent tiredness, lack of energy and fatigue.

Carry out this easy check to make sure you’re breathing is top notch.

Place your hand on your stomach and slowly breathe in through your nose, your stomach should rise. Slowly breathe out through your mouth and your stomach should fall.

8 – Get Brushing

Is it any wonder the body brush is a tried and tested beauty staple? This simple natural brush keeps your skin, the largest organ in the human body, ship shape by boosting circulation, rejuvenating a sluggish lymphatic system helping you remove metabolic waste efficiently and clearing away dead skin cells. So treat yourself to a few minutes at the start and end of the day and brush away your stress.

9 – Visualise

It’s free, has heaps of health benefits and takes little time. Visualisation helps focus your mind on your daily goals and keep things on track. Imagine yourself completing that project, feeling less stressed, eating a healthy diet and mind map each day how this will happen. As you see yourself in more positive healthier ways you will start to focus on your body more and will be more open to achieving your goals.

10 – Scented Slumber

Be connected with nature by breathing in natural aromatherapy scents that will ease you into contented slumber. To help drift off place a few drops of an oil such as lavender or ylang ylang into a cotton cloth and slowly breathe in and out as part of your bedtime ritual.

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