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123 Employee CEO Daven Michaels Discusses The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

123 Employee CEO Daven Michaels Discusses The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

123 Employee is a company that offers entrepreneurs and business owners the help of virtual assistants or VAs. Now, CEO Daven Michaels explains the benefits of virtual assistants in his latest You Tube video tutorial.

123 Employee is a company dedicated to providing small businesses with the manpower needed to operate efficiently at a low cost. In his latest in a series of You Tube tutorial videos, CEO Daven Michaels offers insight into the benefits of hiring virtual assistants or VAs to handle day-to-day and routine tasks.

According to Michaels, a VA is defined as any personnel who provide the self-employed or small businesses with professional administrative, creative, technical or social assistance for clients. “Small business owners truly benefit from using VAs because they are so cost-effective but provide essential support that the business cannot do without,” says Michaels, who founded 123 Employee in 2006 in order to provide VA services for small business owners.

In his latest training video, Daven Michaels, Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf discuss the process of hiring, training and managing virtual assistants. Located on the web at , this video explains how to use VAs for bookkeeping, database management, blogging, social media, customer service, graphical presentations, Internet marketing and telemarketing. These experts discuss the many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, including gaining help with time management and delegation of routine tasks as well as professional assistance with jobs that would normally be very costly for small businesses.

123 Employee offers small businesses the ability to manage costs and still accomplish necessary jobs easily with the help of virtual assistants. For more information, see and

For more information see

About 123 Employee: 123 Employee was founded in 2006 to serve the needs of small businesses for help with virtual assistants. The company offers a team of hundreds of VAs who provide reliable service to all types of businesses.

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