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15 seconds to set up and the new texting app is good to go

15 seconds to set up and the new texting app is good to go

While the number of texting apps continues to grow, users are spending way too much time setting up an account to use these apps. Some apps also barge in asking the user for sensitive personal information. All in all, the hassle to start using a messenger app is too much for a person who just wants to enjoy staying connected. A new app that works on these lines giving users straightforward texting functionality has just launched and it is called Txting

This app is an instant chat app that takes just about 15 seconds to set up. There is none of the nonsense, only what is needed that this app has. As long as the user is connected to the internet, he or she can start using the app right away. It is minimalistic in design and therefore, less demanding in terms of space. Those who would like to enjoy texting and steer clear from distractions can download this app on to their phones and chat away.

The launch of the app was to help phone users get back to the basic and cut the clutter that is usually associated with messenger apps. This is why the user interface of the app was kept simple so as to accommodate the functionality of a chat app and none of the stuff that a user does not need.

The other feature that is ultra-cool about this new ‘Txting’ app is that a user can have multiple accounts without having to disclose an email address. Although the app is pretty clean in its structure and design, it is loaded with all features a typical messenger app has like; push notifications, photos, location etc.

About ‘Txting’:

The ‘Txting’ is a chat app that offers user a simple and an engaging way to stay connected. The new app which was just launched is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and, is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Available at the iTunes store, the app is a free download.

Phone users who want to stay connected without having to deal with a ton of other features that don’t add to the performance of the app can depend on this one to get the most out of their texting. To know more, please visit

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