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2015 ICE Cycle Forecasts Now Available

2015 ICE Cycle Forecasts Now Available

The 2015 ICE forecasts deliver reports on 15 different markets. It identifies the most powerful cycles impulse points throughout 2015. Subscribers will receive 2-4 major and 8-10 secondary cycle points for the year.

Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2015 — The newly published Institute of Cosmological Economics (ICE) 2015 timing forecasts for Gold, FOREX currencies, stock market indices and other commodities are now available. When a market approaches a forecasted time window, the date indicates when multiple cycles are converging and significant market impulses are likely to occur creating strong tradable intermediate moves. The post-forecast impulses fit into one of four categories: reversals, breakouts, accelerations, and sideways movements. When a market moves sideways from a forecasted point, the ICE team considers the forecast to be a failure. The ICE Reports track long term cycles over 100’s of years in length, so the time windows forecasted are within a weekly time window.

As an example of the ICE forecast for Gold in 2013-14, Fig. 1 shows the results for ICE signals in the Gold Market, which proved to be 100% accurate. Note that of the ten forecasted dates, eight correctly identified reversals and two of the points were accelerations. Overall, ICE forecasts proved to be accurate 82% of the time across 15 markets over the same two-year span.

The ICE Reports now cover 15 different markets including the Euro/USD & Dollar Index, British Pound/USD, Yen/USD, Swiss Franc/USD and Australian Dollar/USD on the FOREX. The reports also cover three different stock indices: the S&P 500, the NASDAQ, and the Australian All Ordinaries. The commodities forecasts cover Crude Oil, Copper, Sugar, Soybeans, Corn, Silver and Gold.

The ICE Cycle Forecast Reports for any of these 15 markets is ideal for a position trader who seeks significant price movements or strong trends which provide large profit opportunities diversified across multiple markets. Rather than following a market continuously, the ICE Reports allow a trader to focus on key markets during specific time windows through the year, trading only the largest and strongest cycles.

By relying on the ICE Cycle Forecasts, the trader can simply schedule trades based on the highest probability for a cyclic change followed by a large impulse move in the market of interest. As a result, such a trader is only entering trades with a high risk-to-reward, thus implementing fewer but more informed positions in each market. As a result, the trader can expect to generate higher returns with fewer trades and reduced risk. To see the 2013-14 results for all 15 markets, go to:

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