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Research Report and Overview on Non-GMO Verified Sports Drinks Market, 2015-2025

Future Market Insights

Genetic modifications and engineering techniques on organisms, in laboratory, are defined as GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Scientists, environmentalists and consumers of GMO products have identified side effects and environmental degradation, by the use of GMO containing food products. Due to the high risks with the consumption of these, people around the world are demanding for non-GMO food products. Sports drinks ... Read More »

Classic Spa Collection Releases Black Friday Coupon for Buying Professional Salon & Spa Equipment at Wholesale Prices


Van Nuys, CA, 25, May 2016: With over 26 years of presence in the business of supplying equipment and furniture for spa and salon, Classic Spa Collection now decides to offer customers with some pleasant cost savings. The professional spa equipment supplier is now offering Black Friday deals for customers to purchase a range of equipment, furniture and other items ... Read More »

Food Grade Carrageenan Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through 2026

Future Market Insights

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid, derived from red seaweed. It is used as an ingredient in various food products, such as bakery, dairy, sauces and meat products.  Carrageenan has no nutritional value, and on processing, it forms a gel. It has many functions, which differ from application to application. For instance, in ice creams, carrageenan prevents meltdown, in chocolates it provides ... Read More »

Research Offers 10-Year Forecast on Antimicrobial Packaging Ingredients for Food Packaging Market

Future Market Insights

The demand for ready-to-eat, minimally processed and easily prepared food is increasing day-by-day. Initially packaging of these foods was basically to provide protective and barrier functions, against physical and environmental damages. However, the growth or spoilage due to microorganisms in the packaged foodstuff has still continued to cause problems regarding food safety and quality. To deal with this problem, the ... Read More »

The Stonehenge Watch 5th Millennial Edition Now Available for The Summer Solstice


Cambridge, MA, May 25, 2016 — Finally, the answer to the Smart Watch: The Stonehenge Pocket Watch™! A must have for you or your sophisticated Druid neighbor. Tired of annoying strangers strutting the latest in wearable technology? Well, buck the trend and go back in time 5,000 years to the most organic method of time telling, a wearable sundial. No ... Read More »

Dana Goldstein Joins Breakwater as Managing Director, Investor Relations

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Alternative asset manager further broadens senior team to drive its continued growth. Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 25, 2016 — Breakwater Investment Management, LLC (“Breakwater”) is pleased to announce the recent addition of Dana Goldstein as Managing Director, Investor Relations. Based in Los Angeles, Breakwater is a private investment firm that specializes in direct debt and equity investments in leading ... Read More »

Software Defined Data Center Market To Increase As Organizations Expanding Their Network Worldwide


The IT industry is growing due to increasing demand of IT related services by end-users throughout the world. IT services enable organizations to benefit from lesser time to market. IT related services are also used by organizations to manage their entire vendor and client network effectively. Due to increasing use of IT related services by organizations, managing of traditional datacenter ... Read More »

Swiss Holding Company Forecasts Chinese Stock Climb


After another anonymous article by an “economic oracle” in the People’s Daily describing an “L-shaped” growth trend, Credit Suisse AG is projecting that same forecast to the stock market. Beijing, China, May 25, 2016 — The SSE Composite Index, which keeps track of all stocks (A shares and B shares) that are traded at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, will still ... Read More »

Ireland’s Central Bank Not Willing to Lower Mortgage Rates


Professor Philip Lane, eminent economist and governor of the Central Bank of Ireland said lower mortgage rates will hamper the entry of potential investors. He also dismissed the idea of putting statutory limits on mortgage interest rates. Hong Kong, May 25, 2016 — While addressing concerns revolving around high-loan rates, Lane said that lowering rates is not prudent as it ... Read More »

The Yen has Performed Remarkably Well Recently


This week, the Japanese currency surprised money managers when it reached an all-time high. According to experts, this surge can be best attributed to the changes in bond market. Beijing, China, May 25, 2016 — Given the fluctuations in the Japanese economy, the authorities had not expected such a rise in the Yen. However, the currency astonished some when it ... Read More »