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Modular CO2 Transmitter Now Measures CO2 Concentration up to 50,000 ppm


14, May 2016: The modular CO2 transmitter EE870 from E+E Elektronik now measures CO2 concentration up to 5 % CO2 (50,000 ppm). The extended measuring range makes the EE870, consisting of CO2 probe, conversion board and connection cable, even more versatile. The interchangeable CO2 probe EE871 with auto-calibration uses an infrared measuring principle (dual wavelength NDIR operation principle) that is ... Read More »

Ian Leaf Fraud Expert Announces New Finding For Coal Fired Power Plants


14, May 2016: The use of coal power plants in the United States is something of an issue that many people view as one-sided. It is commonly known that coal plants are a major source of carbon dioxide emissions, which is said to be clearly related to global warming. Over the course of one year, the average coal power plant ... Read More »

Mold Expert Fry Announces Free Help by Phone and Email in USA, Canada, Asia, and Worldwide

EnviroFry Upkeep Masters

Certified Environmental Hygienist and mold expert Phillip Fry introduces free help and advice by phone and email to mold victims and property owners, managers, and tenants across the United States, Canada, Philippines, Hong Kong, Asia-wide, Europe, and world-wide. Montrose, MI, May 14, 2016 — Certified Environmental Hygienist and international mold expert Phillip Fry introduces free help and advice by phone ... Read More »

Exploration and Production Software Market is expected to grow at a high rate by 2023


Exploration and production is upstream segment for oil and gas industry comprising of exploration stage which includes locating, testing and drilling for oil and gas. Exploration and production (E&P) software is an integrated solution dedicated to managing exploration to production. The user can interpret the seismic data which uses principles of seismology to estimate the properties of the Earth’s subsurface ... Read More »

Surf4cars: A Leading Online Showroom of Cars

New car FordRangerXLDC

If you are planning to buy a used car, you may think that it is a huge task with loads of hassles. Surf4cars is a digital online used car showroom that promises to deliver the best quality pre-owned cars of all the major brands. They provide superior quality assistance, if you want to buy used cars. Surf4cars is unique from ... Read More »

Govt investments in education drives Education Technology & Smart Classroom Market


Governments across the globe have been increasing investments in education due to its effectiveness in reducing inequality and poverty and thereby making a country prosperous. Further, education encourages creativity, imagination and knowledge among students, which helps them to gain better opportunities and help in becoming better members in the society. Thus, inculcating technology in education can provide better understanding of ... Read More »

Plant Asset Management Systems Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016 – 2024


Plant asset management systems are used to provide a predictive health information of the assets. This information is derived from embedded data in control systems, smart field devices and sensors. There is an intelligent engine for analytical operations to proactively predict the problems before its escalation. Interested in report: Please follow the below the links to meet your requirements; Request ... Read More »

Emerging Opportunities in Solar Panels Market with Current Trends Analysis

Future Market Insights

Solar panel refers to a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy to generating electricity and heating. It reduces the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supplying your operations with clean, renewable energy from the sun. Solar panels are also called photovoltaic or PV modules as it directly converts sunlight into electricity. The ... Read More »

Wood Plastic Composites Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2026

Future Market Insights

Wood plastic composites are the combination of wood fibers and synthetic resin. Synthetic resins are thermoplastics mainly polypropylene, polyethylene or Polyvinyl Chloride. Wood is in form of sawdust or wood flours. Wood fibers are recycled Pines. Wood Plastic Composites possess dual properties of wood and plastic. On mixing a woods flours magnifies the mechanical properties and thermal properties as compared ... Read More »

Amphibious Landing Craft, Air Cushion Market Expected to grow at a high rate by 2020


Fleet is used in the war to safeguard coastline of nation from intruders thus maintaining a freedom of trade. For safeguarding country’s coastline, it is important to maintain a separate unit of troops and equipment that specialize in amphibious assaults. Conventionally, traditional landing craft were used to carry equipment and troops from fleet or from big ships to the beach ... Read More »