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Colour Cosmetics Market: 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Future Market Insights

Colour cosmetics are the personal care products used for enhancing the appearance of the human body. Colour cosmetics refer to the Colorants and cosmetic ingredients used for make-up, skin care, fragrance, oral care, hair care and personal hygiene. The Colour cosmetics market is anticipated to show gradual upsurge in the near future mainly due to the factors such as growing ... Read More »

World Of Concrete Event 2016 To Be Dazzled By The Cutting Edge Products From Pumpersock USA


04, January 2016: Pumpersock USA will highlight their revolutionary range of concrete safety products in their exclusive booth, C7353 during the World of Concrete 2016 exhibition, which will be held at Las Vegas, NV from 2nd February to 5th February 2016. Pumpersock USA, one of the most prominent concrete pumping safety gear suppliers in the region will unveil 3 of ... Read More »

UpFashion Announces Commencement of Operations


Gurgaon, Haryana; January 4, 2016: UpFashion, a Gurgaon, India based online fashion portal has opened gates for people across the globe. The site provides informative fashion articles as well as latest news related to the Industry. The site started publishing write ups a few days ago; however, announced commencement of operations today via social media. The site, cofounded by Saumitra ... Read More »

Plastic and Competitive Pipe Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


Plastic and competitive pipe is used for the conveyance of potable water, wastewater, heating and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, chemicals, gases, compressed air and vacuum system applications. Use of plastic and competitive pipe offers a broad range of advantages such as moderate cost, corrosion resistance, ease of handling and installation and long service life. These advantages further helps in the growth ... Read More »

Pneumatic Tyres Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


In the past, rubber tyres were solid not pneumatic. In the recent scenario, majority of tyres are pneumatic inflatable structures and comprising a doughnut-shaped body of cords and wires encased in rubber and usually filled with compressed air to form an inflatable cushion. Pneumatic tyres production needs various raw materials such as synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along ... Read More »

Power and Hand Tools Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


Power tools consist of varieties of tools, which added with some additional power to perform certain task. Electric motor is the most common types of power tools. Some example of the power tools are drill machine, circular saw, crusher, heat gun, disc sander, jackhammer, angle grinder, nail gun, wall chaser and wood router. Hand tools are operated by hand only ... Read More »

PXI Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) extensions for Instrumentation (PXI) is an open modular standard in the automated test and measurement. It offers high measurement speed, small footprint, and low power consumption compare to traditional test and measurement technique such as rack-and-stack test systems. The various application market of PXI technology include, wireless technology, aerospace, defense and consumer electronics industries. On the ... Read More »

Textile Printing Market: Global Industry analysis and Forecast to 2020


Application of coloring pattern and design to decorate the finished fabric is referred as printing. At the time of printing the color is applied to the fabric so that the color or design is not affected at the time of washing. Textile printing is a process of applying color to fabric in definite pattern and design. Textile printing is sometime ... Read More »

Infusion Pumps Market: 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Future Market Insights

Infusion pumps are an external devices used in the healthcare to deliver the medication, nutrients, and fluids to the patient’s body in accurate amount and controlled manner through intravenous, subcutaneous and arterial routs. Infusion pumps are of two types one is for stationary purpose and another type is for portable purpose. Stationary infusion pumps are used in the hospitals for ... Read More »

The 4 Top Early Year Corporate Buffet Catering Savings Tips


Many of us may be thinking this is a little too early to consider especially following a big festive season spending spree. The spending hangover has hardly worn off after all. But for those that are savvy with keen eye for savings, this is about the right time that you will if you want to get great savings on the ... Read More »