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2016’s Best Septic Tank Services in Polk County, Florida

2016’s Best Septic Tank Services in Polk County, Florida

24, November 2016: Problems with your septic tank can be severe. Toilets won’t flush, sewage can build up in your yard, and your property can be damaged.

But now a Lakeland septic tank service, vying to be the best in the area, is solving those common septic problems. The company is called Robby’s Septic Tank Service. And according to the company and many locals, there’s nobody better in the business.

The company was founded by plumber Robby McLauchlin back in 1984. Since then, he’s built a business that is entirely different from other plumbing firms in the area. All along, the aim of the company was to develop the skills and knowledge of the team to the point where the company could take on any job its customers wanted. Now, decades later, this has been achieved, with experienced team members able to take on any job their customers throw at them.

What Makes Robby’s Septic Different?

Right now, most septic tank companies focus exclusively on servicing and repairing septic tanks. The problem for customers, however, is that septic tank services are often only a part of their needs. More often than not, customers need help with the plumbing systems connecting to their septic tanks too. Most septic tank companies just don’t have this level of expertise. If customers want work done on their plumbing, other septic companies have to hire out a separate contractor to do the job.

But Robby’s Septic is different. Robby McLauchlin and his team aren’t just septic tank experts. They’re trained plumbers too. This means that customers who want work done on their septic tanks only need to rely on them to get the job done.

The Company Does All Related Services

This is one of the reasons why Robby’s Septic could be considered the best septic tank service in Polk County. The company doesn’t just repair septic tanks. It offers a host of other related specialist services too. For instance, most septic tank systems are linked to a drain field. The idea of the drain field is to collect the water discharged from the septic tank. Making sure the drain field is operating properly is important. Liquid from the septic tank that drains back into the soil can pollute the water table and harm local people.

The problem is that sorting out drain field problems is difficult. At present, most companies use excavators and tear up the landscape to solve the problem. But for families and businesses who care about what their properties look like, this just isn’t an option.

This is where Robby’s Septic is different. Robby’s Septic offers methods for sorting out drain field problems using a pneumatic hammer. The pneumatic hammer mechanically fractures the soil, helping it to safely absorb water again. This helps to keep the ground intact while also solving the problem.


In its effort to be the best septic tank service in Polk County, Robby’s Septic offers its customers finance options. Unlike other players in the industry, the company offers loan options to its customers to help them pay the bill. They provide a link to their partner, Admirals Bank, on their site.

You can get in touch with Robby’s Septic via their website or by phone.

For Media Contact:
Robby McLauchlin, Owner
9158 Hall Rd
Lakeland, FL 33809
Telephone: 863-858-6293

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