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4G Commercial Strategies For Faster ROI In Asia-Pacific – 4G Market To Grow at CAGR of 25.1% by 2020

4G Commercial Strategies For Faster ROI In Asia-Pacific – 4G Market To Grow at CAGR of 25.1% by 2020

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “4G Commercial Strategies For Faster ROI In Asia-Pacific” to its database.

Availability of 4G services is disparately distributed between developed and emerging countries in Asia-Pacific region. However, 4G has been rapidly gaining ground across the region with the rising demand for data services. In increasing network capacity, mobile operators face challenges such as the shortage of spectrum and high cost of network deployment. The key question for operators is how to achieve their ROI objectives and staying competitive in the marketplace.

Operators in the APAC region have been using a variety of commercialization strategies including client segmentation, devices availability, appropriate pricing strategies, effective promotional campaigns to raise awareness and optimal use of various distribution networks. Operators in emerging countries like India and Malaysia are focusing on affordability of 4G services in order to accelerate adoption. On the other hand, operators in developed markets aim to provide advanced services such as M2M/IoT and other data intensive applications to boost 4G adoption

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Key Findings

Total 4G mobile subscriptions in Asia-Pacific is expected to increase by a CAGR of 25.1% between 2015 and 2020. The success of operators to realize returns on investment for 4G services relies on their underlying commercialization strategy.

Operators in emerging countries can benefit by offering cost-effective services to the large young population and residential segment. Operators in developed markets should targeting tech-savvy customers with larger data volume bundles, discounted OTT and VAS services and enterprise services (e.g., IoT/M2M and access to data networks).

Operators in developed markets offer larger data allowances, and in many cases, unlimited data with free calls and text messages. In emerging markets, operators focus on accelerating adoption by bundling devices with LTE plans as affordability remains a key hurdle in these markets.

Distribution strategies are aimed at leveraging existing direct and indirect sales channels to drive 4G uptake. Operators use both their physical retail stores and online websites to drive adoption of 4G service. Physical stores are important to drive take up particularly in rural areas due to tech support available for the population.

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‘4G Commercial Strategies in Asia-Pacific’ report provides an overview of the variety of commercialization strategies operators have adopted in APAC, including analysis of the major components.

It consists of:

Overview of 4G market trends in APAC highlighting adoption, smartphone sales and frequency spectrum usage.

Overview of the key components of mobile 4G commercialization strategies covering client segmentation, products, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies.

Analysis and overview of select operators in APAC which have or will launch mobile 4G services.

Key findings from commercialization strategies in the region and a set of recommendations for telecom operators and network vendors.

Reasons To Buy

Gain understanding of successful 4G commercial strategies utilised by telcos in key APAC markets.

Align product portfolios by selecting suitable commercial strategies needed to ensure faster up-take of 4G services.

Quicken the decision-making process by understanding the strategies which underpin commercial 4G strategies in terms of client segmentation, products, pricing, promotion and distribution.

Gain understanding of the competitive landscape, to strengthen market positioning and competitiveness.

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