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5 Year Project Success Results Revealed by UK Millionaire

5 Year Project Success Results Revealed by UK Millionaire

20, November 2015: Self-development expert Andy Shawexposes that the secret to long-lasting company success relies mainly on taking a leap of faith, and following one’s gut instincts.


Andy Shaw’s self-development series ‘A Bug Free Mind‘ has actually ended up being a global success, attaining 5-star evaluations from thousands of readers in over 130 nations worldwide. Originally portrayed through text, Shaw’s teachings soon spread to audio books, and shorter online videos, for ease of accessibility in account of the average worker’s hectic schedule. However, Shaw confesses that whilst recreating his professional suggestions as video sections was originally expected to take 18 months, it has now taken 5 years and counting.

“When I initially began making the videos,” Shaw confessed in a press meeting, “I wasn’t really thinking for the future. I already had the books and the audio books, I just wanted to make my material more accessible, so the entire world could profit. However, as soon as I was in the right state of mind, and I recognized simply how much I myself was gaining from making these videos, I forgot it was even hard work. If you’d have informed me 5 years ago that this job would have taken so long, I wouldn’t have actually done it. But since I was prepared to get started, and simply wanted to see where I wound up, I not only produced a whole new path of discovery for my readers, but I re-sparked my own interest at the same time. I’ve found that the key to an effective 5-year strategy is to take it as it comes, and be prepared to take a leap of faith every now and then.”

Shaw went on to discuss that the trip he has taken through one simple leap of faith has made the ‘Bug Free Mind’ series much more successful than he had ever thought. Shaw admitted that whilst the content of the series has actually been consistent all the way through, he has found that developing videos has actually provided him a much deeper understanding of the things he is trying to teach, and as an outcome, his readers are getting more from the series than ever.

“The success of the ‘Bug Free Mind’ series has actually just snowballed, and because of that, it offers so much more now than it ever did previously. In fact, in November, we are putting the price of the series up to show that. However, it is my policy to care for the people who have supported each other in this network, so any individual that signs up with the ‘Bug Free Mind’ community now can benefit from the lower cost for life.”

Whilst Shaw explained that those who purchase now can benefit from the cheaper cost, he additionally mentioned that this is not just a creative sales method. To show it, he is providing a complimentary risk-free 60-day money-back trial for all those who benefit from this current low price.

As a preliminary taster session, the very first five chapters of A Bug Free Mind are readily available free of charge on Shaw’s website:

For Media Contact:
Company: A Bug Free Mind
Address: 24 Bowmans Close,
Steyning, BN44 3SR, United Kingdom
Number: +44 07546277858
Youtube Video:

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