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5O Grades of Shay Book Honored

5O Grades of Shay Book Honored

50 Grades of Shay, the Erotic Romance novella series by B.J. LaRue has received the “Burning Page” award from the American Society of Romance Readers.

Announcing the award Society president Doris Oakley said : “Out of all the books published so far this year in the Romance Erotica genre, 50 Grades was, and is, head and shoulders above the rest. Ms. LaRue’s story, the plot lines, the well developed characters, her flair for the perfect descriptive phrase, sets her at the head of the current pack of Romance Erotica writers.”

“Naturally, I’m honored” was Ms. La Rue’s immediate response to the award. “And for me, to be honored by my readers, is my definition of ‘success.’ I know some Authors measure success in terms of sales, royalities, and prestige. But for me, the enjoyment of my work by the people it was intended for is the greatest success I could imagine.”

Commenting further on the Societies choice of Ms. LaRue’s 50 Grades Series , Ms. Oakley had this comment :”What impressed us most, in addition to the overall quality of Ms. LaRue’s writing, was the believeability of her plot and characters .Something that, despite it’s success, cannot be said for ’50 Shades of Grey !'”

“While I am definitely honored to be….well……honored” Ms. Larue continued “the mail I receive from my readers, is an honor that arrives daily. And I don’t for a moment take it for granted. That’s why I personally answer every mail. No matter how busy I am. Because I’ve forged a bond. A sacred bond. Between myself and each reader who is sufficiently moved by my work to reach back to me. To let me know how it affected them. And ask the obvious, and often, not so obvious questions. Which I am happy to answer.”

Concluding her remarks Ms. Oakley added :”I know I’m speaking for all her fans, and fans of Erotic Romance, when I say we’re all looking forward, with barely contained anticipation, to the next ‘burning pages’ installment of 50 Grades of Shay !”

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