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6 Critical Choices That Sway Our Success

6 Critical Choices That Sway Our Success

Success Predicted by Behaviors We Choose.

Los Angeles, CA, February 05, 2015 — Success is something people crave. It’s desired in careers, finances, health and relationships. The problem is that many fall short of the success they desire because of the choices they make.

According to motivational author and speaker Shawn Anderson, success in every area of life can be predicted by the choices consciously made throughout the day. Anderson points to six key choices that have the potential to tip the scale either away from or toward success:

1. Quit…or Persist
“Big goals are rarely achieved upon first effort. Massive persistence is required to make them happen,” Anderson says. “If we allow early failures to cause us to quit too soon, we will always lessen the degree of success that we eventually achieve.”

2. Watch Late Night Television…or Wake Up Early
“With a million Internet options and television channels from which to choose, it’s easy to disappear for hours into unedifying nothingness,” Anderson suggests. “Facebook or Keeping Up With the Kardashians may be entertaining, but it throws away valuable time that could be used to create, inspire and build our own success.”

3. Spend…or Invest
“Creating financial stability is crucial in living a life we love. But every time we splurge on a frivolous item like an expensive coffee or eating out for lunch, it’s one fewer chance we have to let our money grow and establish financial success,” Anderson points out.

4. Hate Mondays…or Love Mondays
“Nothing saps the success out of our lives more than working at jobs we hate. Mediocrity readily greets those whose passion is erased by spending 40 hours a week dreading where they show up to work on Monday,” Anderson says.

5. Hang with “Cannots”…or “Cans”
“Like attracts like. If you want to know your success potential, take a look at what kind of energy…positive or negative…the people around you radiate,” Anderson states.

6. Point Fingers at Others…or Yourself
“Is your lack of success your fault or someone else’s?” Anderson asks. “If you point to the person in the mirror, you have a greater chance of changing the level of success you are capable of finding.”

“Very few of us wouldn’t love to experience more success in our jobs, bank accounts, health, relationships…wherever,” Anderson says. “But the reason we don’t experience more success is because we are regularly making terrible choices. Change the choices; change the success.”

The author of six books, including A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over and SOAR to the Top!, Anderson is also the Founder of “Extra Mile Day.” On November 1, 2014, 527 cities across the United States made the declaration to recognize the capacity we each have to create positive change for ourselves, families, organizations and communities when we “go the extra mile.”

Shawn Anderson
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 402-4826


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