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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right E-cigarettes – Black Note Publishes an Infographic

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right E-cigarettes – Black Note Publishes an Infographic

Irvine, CA, May 16, 2016 — One of the largest and most trusted e-liquid manufacturer and seller, Black Note published an infographic about vaping devices. This infographic is a complete and comprehensive guide for people who want to choose the correct e-cigarette, but they are confused about how to choose electronic cigarettes just according to their needs.

Black Note has mainly added information about 3 types of e-cigarettes, “Our infographic presents the key characteristics of the three main types of e-cigarette on the market: “cigalikes,” eGo-style e-cigarettes and “mods.” But not every type is created equally, and most smokers will be best suited to one type of e-cigarette over the others, so the infographic also gives a run-down of the key benefits and limitations of each type of device”, stated the spokesperson of Black Note while discussing the contents of their infographic.

He further added that they have tried to develop a full scale guidance infographic, so based on the information given in the infographic the readers are able to match their needs to a specific type of device; not only that, but this infographic’s information will also suggest what type of smoker or vaper each type of device is well suited to and not so well suited to. In a nutshell, this visual guide will help the readers find the right type of e-cigarette just according to one’s needs.

The Black Note’s infographic comprises of cigalikes’, eGo-style e-cigarettes’ and mods’ key characteristics, benefits, downsides, from whom it is ideal for and for whom it is not great for. Cigalikes’ benefits include it is easy to use, it is portable, it comes with a complete kit, and it is very similar to the traditional cigarettes;

eGo-style e-cigarettes’ benefits include it is slightly more complicated than cigalikes but still quite easy to use, its performs comparatively better, it is more satisfying, it has a better battery life, it has a better flavor, and it is comparatively cheaper than cigalikes;

Mods’ benefits include as compared to the other two it has the best battery life (stays charged for the whole day), nearly all types of atomizers can be used, it offers special features like temperature control, it has variable wattage options, it is one of the best performing e-cig currently in the market, and it is much more satisfying as compared to the other two.

These are just the benefits of cigalikes, eGo-style e-cigarettes and mods that are included in Black Note’s infographic, but if anyone out there is looking for more comprehensive information, then they can simply go to

About: Black Note is one of the largest e-cigarette liquid producer and seller, they offer premium quality e-liquid on affordable rates.

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Black Note, Inc.
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