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A Great Selection of Virtual Sets Available By Subscription

A Great Selection of Virtual Sets Available By Subscription

A new and innovative service has been launched by E-spaces via their newly launched website. This new service offers customers a variety of virtual sets, backgrounds, animations, 3D intros, lower thirds and other amazing things. These virtual sets are meant for video production newbies to use them in their TV shows. Everyone who subscribes is offered a 75% discount for their first time subscription. E-spaces claim they are the first ever online platform to offer such innovative services. Any beginner is sure to benefit a lot from them as E-spaces have a huge variety of the above mentioned virtual sets. Each one of them is unique and can be used for different shows to create an amazing atmosphere. All their products will be updated from time to time in order to keep people away from reusing the same sets in their shows. All services will now be available at just $99 for a year.

All the visual sets, animations and other video production products can be downloaded by a registered member by paying just $99 per year. This website is an online subscription based store where all the services are available only after a people register. The resolution for all products is either 720p or 1080p and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Virtual sets are provided with green screen backgrounds, animated intros, animated HD backgrounds, lower thirds and many more. Educational organizations are offered great value by this online platform as anyone’s money is valued a lot and enables one to create some really amazing TV shows as well as video productions within a reasonable budget. Some of their services and products are for temporary use. However, once registered a person can download the entire library and come back once in a while to check the availability of new additions. The store also sends notifications to its users at an interval of every 2 to 3 months about the arrival of new products.

Vice President Helen Netherfield says, “Subscribing to this service is a great way for beginners to start working with green screen chromakey and for TV professionals to get access to affordable broadcast quality footage and video backgrounds.” CEO Philippe van Nedervelde is also excited about this project. He stated: “It is unique because it makes world class professional products available to any college student and beginning video editors and producers.”

About E-Spaces: or E-spaces is a web store created, owned and developed by the industry-award winning company E-spaces. Incorporated in 1996, E-spaces is one of the world’s first practitioners of interactive 3D graphics, a.k.a. Virtual Reality. 3D graphics in practically all its forms are at the heart of all we do.

Contact person: Helen Netherfield
Company: E-spaces
Phone: 310 61 8234
Address: 1st street, Santa Monica, CA 90304

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