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A Leading SEO Partner in Cape Town: GO-SEO

A Leading SEO Partner in Cape Town: GO-SEO

This is the age of digitisation. Everything, from shopping to transactions—is conducted online. And ever since the advent and popularity gain of Google, a large part of the market has shifted to online. There has started a scramble among various e-commerce and general companies to gain a rank at or near the top of the Google search. And the way to go about achieving this target is through the SEO technique.

The “App Store Optimisation” service is a recent addition to the store. It helps clients to make their company-related applications easier to find for online users. GO-SEO, an internet marketing firm which started out four years ago, operates with the aim of making digital marketing accessible to all kinds of companies; large, medium or small. Among the services provided are: PPC Management, Monthly Organic SEO, Video SEO, Dedicated Hiring, Pay-only-for-results-SEO, Affordable Apps, App Store Optimisation, Social Branding and Social Media.

PPC: The full form of Pay-per-click marketing, helpful in generating business for a company by posting ads on various popular websites. Go-SEO’s management services include: Setting up of the PPC campaign, regular Campaign Monitoring, Campaign Modification as required etc. They do text, Google, Image and Mobile ads.

Under the head of “Monthly Organic SEO”, the firm offers comprehensive keyword analysis, comprehensive website analysis, and maximum number of targeted keywords. Their aim is to discover and place before you an ideal market for your products.

The SEO techniques are implemented in the field of video searches as well, with endeavours to make the client company’s videos rank among the top ten related videos on YouTube, or make them rank high in the Google Video search lists. This is done through video content optimisation.

The expertise of the company in various SEO services has prompted many a firm to hire them as their dedicated hiring partner. A case in example is the “Pay Only for Results” option, Apart from a set-up fee, there are no charges involved, until and unless concrete results are delivered! And what’s more, this feature does not limit their budget in any manner.

Apart from SEO, they specialise in creating high-quality mobile apps for companies at affordable prices, and devise techniques to optimise the search for the app store. Other services such as social branding, social networking etc. are taken care of them to the fullest. To know more log on to:

Go-SEO offers SEO services in Cape Town and elsewhere in South Africa. As one of the foremost SEO companies in Cape Town, it helps clients rank their companies higher in Google search results, by making use of the search engine optimisation technology.

John’s Place, Cambelton Crescent, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441,South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 801 5844

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