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A Level Chemistry Tuition Helps Students Gain Mastery in Chemistry

A Level Chemistry Tuition Helps Students Gain Mastery in Chemistry

The JC & IB Tuition Specialists offers A Level Chemistry tuition to help JC students improve their grades in H2 Chemistry. Classes are conducted by experienced tutor with excellent track record.

Singapore, December 27, 2016 — The JC & IB Tuition Specialists comprises the most dedicated and competent tutors who believe in nurturing their students to achieve academic success. They provide private tuition in GCE A Level subjects, including Chemistry, General Paper, Physics and Mathematics. The tutors are specialists in their own subjects and always provide the best support and guidance to their students, helping them achieve stellar grades in their A Level examination.

One of the core subjects that The JC & IB Tuition Specialists focuses on is H2 Chemistry. The tutor is an ex-lecturer at the National Junior College in Singapore and has more than 13 years of experience teaching JC Chemistry. The *A Level Chemistry tuition <> is limited to a group size of 8 so that each student will have the necessary attention. This way, the tutor can meet the unique needs of the students which is not possible in larger class size. For two consecutive cohorts in 2014 and 2015, 100% of the tutor’s students scored A’s and B’s for their A Level Chemistry examination.

Students are not required to sit for any entry admission test before enrolling into the highly popular A Level Chemistry tuition classes. The reason is simple. Regardless of the ability of the students, students who require tuition should be given equal opportunities to improve their results. The aim is to ensure students reach their full potential when studying with The JC & IB Tuition Specialists.

During classes, students are exposed to different types of application related questions and this trains students to apply concepts of chemistry to solve problems. This ensure that students are ready to take on the A Level Examinations at the end of the year. The JC & IB Tuition Specialists has been providing *JC Chemistry tuition <>* for many years. Tutors have a wealth of experience teaching students and are experts in their fields.

Further Information

For more information and details, you can visit the website of the JC & IB Tuition Specialists: You can read the comments and testimonials of past students and more about the experiences of the tutors. Class schedule for H2 Chemistry can also be found on the website. Classes are conducted at locations in the East (Marine Parade) and West (Beauty World Centre) of Singapore.

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