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A Level Maths Tuition to Improve Your Grades

A Level Maths Tuition to Improve Your Grades

The Jc & Ib Tuition Specialists Offers A Level Maths Tuition To Help JC Students Improve Their Grades In H2 Mathematics. Classes Are Conducted By Experienced Tutor With Good Track Record.

Singapore, December 05, 2016 — These days, the demands on students have increased so much in Singapore that it is getting stressful even for the parents. Furthermore, achieving good grades are no longer sufficient. One needs to attain top grades in school. As a result, most students (and parents) turn to private tuition to get a competitive edge over their peers.

The JC & IB Tuition Specialists is formed by a group of experienced tutors and specializes in providing A Level Maths Tuition [1] at the H2 level. With their level of experience in tutoring, the tutors understand the needs and wants of today`s students. As such, they are able to help students improve their grades in JC Mathematics.

Private tuition is an alternative for students to catch up on their academics and to improve their grades. There are many students who cannot cope with the curriculum in school and are left behind. However, in private tuition by the JC & IB Tuition Specialists, each student is given attention. Parents can talk to the tutors directly and get feedback on how the child is performing.

In the A Level examination, H2 Mathematics can be considered as one of the more challenging subjects. However, students can now get the best H2 Maths tuition [2] by experienced tutors at the JC & IB Tuition Specialists. In fact, students will get the chance to learn from an experienced tutor, who have been featured in The New Paper published in Singapore. Between 2013 and 2015, he tutored more than 100 students from various junior colleges. 96% of his students achieved A’s and B’s in their final A Level Maths examination.


For more information and details, you can visit the official website of the JC & IB Tuition Specialists There, you can read the testimonials by students and the newspaper feature about the tutor. The Maths tuition classes are conducted at locations in the East (Kembangan) and West (Beauty World Centre) of Singapore. Schedule for H2 Maths tuition can be found on the website.

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