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A New Approach To KOL Profiling

A New Approach To KOL Profiling


London, United Kingdom – System Analytic today launched a revolutionary type of , called “Live KOL Profiles”.

These “Live KOL Profiles” update automatically in real time, and will transform how our Pharma clients think of KOL Profiles.

A major issue with regular Key Opinion Leader Profiles is that they are out-of-date the moment the vendor gives them to the client. Even interactive KOL Profile delivered through web services often contain many “static” components. Many Agencies conducting KOL Profiling will then charge their clients to keep those components updated. More often than not, in the KOL Profile, clients will end up looking very much at the “past”, and getting the “latest picture” requires a significant investment on their part.

System Analytic’s solution is to acknowledge the value of a KOL’s past work in our KOL Profiles, but also include several components that update automatically in real-time. This significantly reduces the pains and costs of KOL Profiling for their clients.

Many regular KOL Profiles are not only out-of date they often don’t allow for variations or deviations from the standard template. System Analytic challenge the conventional KOL Profiles “one size fits all” game, with their customised profiles, designed to match their clients’ needs.

System Analytic creates their customised content in conjunction with the KOLs themselves, to give the most transparent and accurate view possible, and use subject-specific content analytics that reflect the positioning and messages of their client’s specific product. They offer a variety of delivery platforms & styles to suit exact needs; from comprehensive interactive KOL Profiles covering over 150 metrics & attributes, to biographies that give an instant, relevant summary.

It’s not only System Analytics’ KOL Profiles which are unique; their ethos is special, one that has an unremitting focus on innovation.

“We want to be different, better, special in everything we do, and this new innovation allows us to reduce the pain and costs that are usually associated with traditional profiling, to give our clients the most outstanding KOL Profiles”, says Vicky Fouhy, who runs System Analytic’s Thought Leader Initiatives.

System Analytic demonstrate their commitment to this principle, through their customised content, multiple delivery platforms, interactive and graphical content that’s easy to digest, degrees of detail and analytics to match their clients’ needs, adherence to their clients’ specific data privacy requirements, and transparency with KOLs themselves.

Commenting on the launch of these Live Profiles, Dr Sanjay Singhvi, Director at System Analytic: “Today is an important day”.

System Analytic will be working towards developing their Live KOL Profiles, so they can continue to deliver their clients updated and customised KOL Profiles. With the advent of these new Live Profiles, and System Analytics’ relentless commitment to innovation, there are exciting times ahead for KOL profiling

Footer: System Analytic helps pharmaceutical teams to identify, map, and engage with their medical experts and key stakeholders. Established in 2007, the company works with world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and the world’s leading physicians to help map the clinical landscape. For more information about System Analytic, visit

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