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A New Invention – Giving You an Extra Hand While Travelling

A New Invention – Giving You an Extra Hand While Travelling

A new innovation in the travel accessories industry – Grab the RetraStrap, wear around your shoulder and you’re instantly handsfree for the rest of the trip.

Columbus, OH, March 09, 2015 — Travelling has become hectic these days; security, lines, luggage delays, the physical and emotional stress, not to mention airlines nickel and diming techniques travelers have to navigate through when checking bags. Every second and effort counts especially when on a long international trip, with hardly any sleep, exhausted, and stressed.

“You are walking through the airport trying to catch your plane on time with a phone or boarding pass in one hand and a carry-on luggage pulled with the other. You want to reach to your pocket and pull your passport, you stop on the side and let go your carry-on, your carry-on tips over because you load it with your most valuable belonging and your heaviest items fearing the check-in bags extra fees. You pull your passport and reach back to your carry-on and start walking again. You haven’t had your coffee yet but there is no time to sit and you don’t have the extra hand to hold it while walking. Finally after a 25 min walk with your hand attaching you to your carry-on handle while pulling for this whole time in the same position, you get to your plane with some neck and shoulder pain. Now you have to do that again when landing after a long day of travel. Every second, every little movement all adds up to your stress while travelling, even if you are travelling first class, you still want to take your valuable in your carry-on and keep them close to you as much as possible.”

A new invention called the RetraStrap claims to solve some of traveler’s problems while on the go. “Imagine a carry-on bag following you around gracefully without having to handcuff one of your hands to it”. It is really simple; a shoulder strap that attaches to the carry-on handle, adjusted to the most comfortable length and there you go. What to do with it when not in use? It just retracts neatly into its housing. So simple, light weight and compact.  Omar Abass patented his new design believing that his invention is going to be the next big thing after Bernard Sadow put a pair of wheels on a luggage saving travelers from carrying it around. “You can call it a hybrid between a shoulder bag and a wheeled carry-on, having the advantages of both, that is the weightlessness of the wheeled luggage and the hands free benefit of the shoulder duffle or back pack”, Omar Abass quotes.

There are few similar inventions attempting to hand free the carry-on luggage, and this type of straps was one of them. All previous hands free straps, harnesses, and attachments do solve the hands free problem but unfortunately, they cause another problem: they are an extra item to carry, stow and deal with while travelling, especially when at security checkpoint where they almost ask travelers to remove their pants at screening. Some require two hands to wear and remove, and others take extra space or simply are no comfortable to wear. This new invention on the other hand solves most if not all of these problems. Using a patented new retractable system, the strap simply disappears. Imagine how easy and effortless it is to put a car seatbelt back into place with the retraction mechanism, well this new strap uses a similar concept.

The retractable hands free carry-on luggage strap can make life much easier while travelling. Besides the huge advantage of freeing hands and reducing shoulder and neck stress, the strap may actually reduce the risk of the luggage being stolen or forgotten. As simple as it seems, it won’t be appreciated unless used and experiencing the freedom it gives its user. Now, with this new invention, travelers can enjoy their morning coffee with a cookie while their carry-on luggage is following them around. How awesome is that!

This new invention is still in its developing stages, a prototype is made tested in real travel and ready for manufacture. For information about partnership and investment with the inventor please go to

Omar Abass
Retra Products, LLC
Columbus, OH

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