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A Quick Buying Tips for Davidoff Millennium Series Cigars

A Quick Buying Tips for Davidoff Millennium Series Cigars

Cigar is more an art than a way to smoke tobacco and for this reason smoking cigar is considered a luxury. It is a thick piece of tobacco rolled in plant leaves by seasoned hands and served in a decent packing that encourages people to smoke.

There are many cigar makers in the world and some have become synonym for cigars. Davidoff is one of the best cigar manufacturers and this is evident from its popularity. It has many different products and each product is a class apart. Let’s start discussing its products with Davidoff Millennium series cigars that are made from selection of new types of tobacco.

A cigar gets a definite taste according to quality and variety of tobacco and other ingredients. It is where Davidoff has an edge over others. This brand has the expertise needed to produce different flavors using tobacco fromdifferent regions. Every cigar in the Millennium Series possesses a strong taste marked by coffee and chocolate. It is a cigar for modern users that are more enthusiasts than chain smokers.

Millennium Series isn’t the only popular product of the house of Davidoff as it has a line of cigars that have create niche market for the brand with their size, color and taste. Davidoff Signature cigar is another brand that has attracted attention of cigar enthusiasts. It is promoted as marriage of the Classic and Thousand Series and this combination of two different flavors make the most powerful Mild Cigar in the product line of the Davidoff.

Signature Series blends the touch of white pepper and wood and also it has sweetness and these different flavors are blended into creamy body to get the unprecedented flavor. It is the best mild flavor in market and also it is good for those starting to smoking cigars. They can start with Signature Series and stick to it until they discover a better flavor.

Those who want to upgrade their flavor and experience of cigar smoking could switch to Davidoff Anniversario #3 cigar. It is a premium quality cigar as it blends tobaccos brought from different regions into one and develops an aroma and a flavor never tasted before. The anniversary series was started to celebrate 80th birthday and it was produced in collaboration with Zino. These cigars are distinguished from their look that is silky and woody. The flavor is a little spicy.

Anniversary series cigars are available in medium to full body sizes to suit to the individual needs of users. It targets people who want to improve their cigar smoking experience. Also it makes a nice gift for a cigar enthusiast. The gift pack could contain 4 pieces of exclusive cigars or it could be a pack of 50 cigars for a person who likes smoking cigar.

Davidoff Double R cigar is also a popular cigar from the house of Davidoff. This specific variety is great form those magnificent moments that you want to enjoy to the full. It offers warm notes of leather, almonds, black pepper and spices.

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