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A Taste of French by Cottonwood Furniture

A Taste of French by Cottonwood Furniture

The phrase ‘Classic French furniture’ has a glamorous, ‘vintage’ ring to it. It comprises of two distinct schools— The Parisian division catering to the high-end tastes of French Royalty and the upper bourgeoisie; and the Provincial division which comprises of art and designing styles markedly distinct from the Metropolitan tastes. But in common usage, the term ‘French Furniture’ typically indicates the former. And the styles and traditions pertaining to the construction of furniture in the period 1660-1800, are a hot draw among customers with a taste for the exquisite and the antique.

On this note, let me introduce you to “Cottonwood”, a furniture and bathroom fixtures store. Dealing in double and single vanity cabinets, armoires, bedsteads, bedside pedestals, chairs and stools, it promises pleasure for your eyes and polish for the ambience of your home. Install a mirror-and-cabinet fixture with spires on its curved arch it’s sure to elicit a long list of praise and envious looks from friends and neighbours. A single item in the collection can literally ‘light up’ the atmosphere of any room you choose to place it in.

On Cottonwood’s website, the ware is divided into three categories— French Furniture, Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets, and Seating. Under the second category, the sinks, commodes, taps, shower etc. are created in a sleek, tasteful fashion to match the interiors of a modern-day washroom. And the ‘Seating’ page features a display of antique-design chairs, sofas, divans and couches, with crown-style arches and luxuriant cushions and padding. It is absolutely a treat for the convention-weary eyes.

You can sort through any number of choices you want, simply by clicking on a “Default sorting” slot on the right, featuring a drop-down list of options in terms of sorting basis. That’s to say that you can sort by prices, popularity, rating or newness. Choose your option, and a whole world of movables in every shape and style imaginable, opens up before you.


Cottonwood Trading Company was set up in 2003. Owned and managed by husband and wife Philip and Toni Botha, the establishment flourished and gained reputation over the years.  It has taken the market for affordable French reproduction furniture by storm, and continues to wow customers with their industriousness and dedication. Check http://www.cottonwoodfurniture.co.za/about-us/ for further details.


Contact Us:

Unit 8, K101 Business Park

Capital Hill Business Park

Cnr Le Roux Avenue and K101 (Old Pretoria Main Road)

(Access is from Le Roux Avenue)

Halfway House





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