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AAA Satellite Offers Satellite Services to Commercial Businesses

AAA Satellite Offers Satellite Services to Commercial Businesses

AAA Satellite has provided clients with satellite television and security camera installation for more than 20 years. The company now offers satellite television installation for local businesses.

AAA Satellite offers its satellite television and security cameras to businesses throughout the United States. The satellite television service supports the hospitality industry by installing up-to-date entertainment technology. The company also serves businesses in the hospitality industry and other industries by offering commercial satellite systems and equipment as well as hospitality PPV/VOD systems, VSAT and high-speed broadband systems, intercom and business sound systems and more.

AAA Satellite provides DIRECTV service for hotels, motels, and resorts as seen at http://aaasatellite.TV/hotelmotelsatelliteTVinstallation/ . The system offers guests an interactive program guide service for easy browsing of available channels while also providing parental control. Hotel guests can also purchase certain channels a la carte to save money. AAA Satellite provides hotel management the luxury of no equipment being kept in a guest’s room.

The satellite and security provider also offers businesses Internet Protocol TV, or IPTV as seen at http://aaasatellite.TV/i-p-t-v-solutions-satellite-TV-install/ . IPTV distributes TV programing from a local area network to the HDTV Headend and then out to other TVs. IPTV offers both TV and internet service through CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable. AAA Satellite integrates the IP Satellite system components and TV signals into the IP network.

Satellite distribution systems as seen at http://aaasatellite.TV/i-p-t-v-solutions-satellite-TV-install/ provide business owners with solutions to problems common with broadcast and cable TV. Since the system solves the dilemmas of range and distortion, Satellite TV reaches a much wider audience. This technological advantage makes satellite TV popular among restaurants and bars that may have inferior broadcast reception or that do not receive cable service. Companies with clients who are required to wait for service report having happier customers when using satellite TV services due to their waits being more enjoyable. Any business can use systems provided by AAA Satellite to share information regularly and stay connected with partners around the world.

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About AAA Satellite & Security: For nearly three decades, AAA Satellite & Security has been serving customers in the Kansas City area with installation and service of satellite systems. Hotels, motels, conference centers and others rely on AAA for fast, professional installation and repair of all satellite television systems as well as wireless Internet, sound and security systems.

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