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AC DraftShield Reaches 30,000 Units Sold

AC DraftShield Reaches 30,000 Units Sold

AC DraftShield is a unique “one of a kind” patented product that blocks icy cold drafts that flow through your central AC vents in the winter months. The company has announced that it has just reached the milestone of 30,000 AC DraftShields sold.

As of September 2014, AC DraftShield has sold more than 30,000 units throughout the US, UK and Australia, making the company the most popular vent cover solution. It is frequently called the “magnetic vent cover alternative that really works.”

AC DraftShield offers several variations of basic draft shields that help homes significantly reduce heating costs by blocking icy drafts, preventing moisture from getting into AC systems and preventing heat loss.

When heating systems produce hot air, an estimated 30 percent or more of thermal value is lost when traveling through the central air ducts and ending up in the freezing attic. Heated air will rise, drawing out through unsealed central AC vents into ductwork in the attic to be re-introduced as icy drafts when traveling through lower vents. This results in a 15- to 20-degree difference between the heated air coming from upper ducts and the recycled icy air coming from lower ducts.

AC DraftShield prevents this by stopping the heated air from entering AC vents and ductwork which blocks the cold drafts and prevents moisture from entering directly into the AC system, where it can cause costly damage. When using AC DraftShields with a central AC unit, customers can save an estimated 95 gallons of oil per year.

Another use for AC Draftshields is for homeowners to close off vents in rooms that are not being used. This is a very good way of saving money by reducing the amount of heat or AC being used in your house.

AC DraftShield as seen at also offers a line of vent covers for the professional contractor who has a requirement to cover vents during construction, floor sanding, decontamination, air duct cleaning and pressuring ductwork. Significant time and money is saved by using AC Draftshields versus tape and plastic, as AC Draftshields are re-useable and virtually indestructible.

Companies are able to save time and money by using AC DraftShields as seen at , improving their operations and bottom line. With product lines focused on construction, energy audit, weatherization, duct cleaning, restoration, painting and more, AC DraftShields offers many ways to increase energy savings.

AC DraftShield is a unique solution that is without peer in the industry. The closest solution would be flat magnetic vent covers, but they are seriously flawed in actual usage. They only work on non-painted metal vents, and they will not work with the system under pressure. They also do not have a positive sealing method and they only come in one small size.

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About AC DraftShield: AC DraftShield, a product of MAVCAP Industries, is a reusable HVAC vent seal that can be applied to central AC vents and wall-mounted AC units. This product seals off vents and grilles to improve winterization and energy audits as well as for duct cleaning and the containment of smoke, asbestos or debris from renovation.

For More Information:
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MAVCAP Industries
4940 Merrick Road #238
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
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