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Accountable Care Organizations: Development, Present Status, Forecasts

Accountable Care Organizations: Development, Present Status, Forecasts has added a new report to its online repertoire of healthcare market intelligence. The healthcare industry, particularly in developed countries, is a dynamic, ever-changing endeavor. The policy framework, government regulations, and technological sophistication all keep progressing to fit the structure most convenient for all parties involved. The report will help healthcare market players analyze how the field of accountable care organizations will shape up in the coming years.

The report is titled ‘Accountable Care Organizations – A Building Block For The Future Of Health Care’ and is available on’s official website.

Accountable care organizations (ACO) are organized groups of healthcare providers who remain accountable for the provision of healthcare services to Medicare beneficiaries. In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act promoted the formation of accountable care organizations by incorporating several programs. The major one among them was the Medicare Shared Savings Program. This and other initiatives presented by various governments have driven the number of accountable care organizations.

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ACOs lead to significant cost savings over time. Under the Medicare Shared Savings Program, participants of accountable care organizations can share these savings gradually. The coordinated care provided by accountable care organizations helps patients massively, since it helps eliminate the chances of incorrect diagnoses and other errors. ACOs also provide healthcare with a consistency that individual physicians may not be able to match.

Accountable care organizations are expected to be a major part of the healthcare scenario in the U.S. in the coming years. As a result, pharmaceutical giants will be best served by aligning their strategies with the trajectory of the ACO market. This report will help interested parties gain actionable insights into how accountable care organizations function and how they will affect other aspects of the healthcare industry associated with it. Patient awareness programs have become a major tool in the arsenal of accountable care organizations. Pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from this by providing educational material.

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The report profiles the development of accountable care organizations, presenting an easily understandable timeline. The response of the healthcare community to the rise in the demand for accountable care organizations has also been detailed in the report. Case studies have been used to illustrate the impact of accountable care organizations on other associated industries. The analytical data gained from this detailed study is further used to present forecasts regarding the accountable care organizations market’s projected growth in the coming years.

Case studies examined in the report include studies on the effect of accountable care on breast cancer, neurological disorders, mental health, infections, heart disease, and diabetes. The results of these studies emphasize the impact of the major principles of accountable care organizations, such as technological improvement, evidence-based care, coordination, and cost-effectiveness, on the prognosis for patients of these diseases.


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