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Adult Incontinence Products at Best Price

Adult Incontinence Products at Best Price

Dealing with adult incontinence is not easy as most people are embarrassed to talk or discuss regarding the same. Though there is a wide range of incontinence product, most sufferers do not know about them as they are not comfortable of walking up to the stores and asking questions to figure out which product is most suitable for them.

Here is a list of common adult incontinence products available in the market:

Adult Diaper

These are of different types like:

  • All-in-one cloth diaper are the ones that come with a waterproof covering on the outside made and layers of absorbing materials in the inside like flannel, cotton, etc. There is inner polyester lining as well to keep wetness away from the skin.
  • Contour cloth diapers are wider at the front and rear and narrower between the legs. The absorbent material is present in the middle and the thickness varies from brand to brand. They need to be worn under waterproof briefs as these do not have a waterproof material on the outside.
  • Prefold or flat fold diapers are square diapers with thick padding. These too need to be worn under waterproof underpants.
  • Disposable diapers as the name suggests are not meant for reuse and recommended to people who have lost complete control over bowel and bladder


Disposable underwear pulls off and on similar to regular underwear and is suitable for both light and heavy bowel and bladder incontinence. These are available in different sizes and are usually elasticated at the waist and at the leg openings. They offer a perfect snug fit and are very comfortable.


These look similar to menstrual pads used by women but are not meant for the same purpose. These are more appropriate for urine absorption should be worn inside one’s underwear. These usually come with adhesive that ensures leakage protection and these also have an outer plastic cover.

Booster Pads

These offer additional absorbency and are worn under an adult diaper or adult incontinent brief. They usually come with adhesive that helps them to stay at place and come in various lengths.


Personal flushable wipes also fall under adult incontinence products and are nothing but disposable washcloths. These are available in various sizes and are usually pleasantly fragranced.

In order to buy incontinence supplies, you can directly go to Goodwill Home Medical Equipment website or call 609-337-5506. They even supply a wide range of medical supplies, incontinence products, mobility aids and home medical equipment.

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