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Aeros Fasttrack – Hugely Cost Effective Airline Training

Aeros Fasttrack – Hugely Cost Effective Airline Training

United Kingdom, 28, April 2016: A commercial flight training company has experienced incredible success during the last few years. The organisation has been in existence for almost a decade, and they’ve trained many of the people piloting our planes today. A huge number of students who partake in the courses end up working for major commercial airlines. So, they offer fantastic opportunities for anyone who dreams of life in the clouds. From a single training site, the company has expanded to operate from five different locations around the UK.


They specialise in training new pilots with little or no flying experience. With their courses, it’s possible to fastrack the process using continuous modular courses. People who select a full-time training opportunity can complete their course in under twelve months. However, most trainees spend around twelve to eighteen months learning before they graduate. At the end of the course, new pilots receive a European Aviation and Safety Agency Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Even so, the licence will remain frozen until they have spent 1,500 hours in the air.

The company boasts that 100% of their fastrack graduates have found work with major airlines during the last two years. That helps to highlight how well the course is designed, and how much value it can add. Costing only £59,954 means it’s an affordable option for anyone with a serious interest in changing their career. With a 100% success rate for graduates seeking employment, it’s possible to recoup that investment fast.

The modules for the course include:

* Initial Assessments
* Private Pilot Licence Training
* Night Flying
* Structured Hours Building
* Pilot Theory
* Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
* Commercial Pilot Licence Training
* Multi Engine Piston Training
* Instrument Rating Training
* Multi Crew Cooperation Training
* Jet Orientation Training

Alongside commercial employment, the company also trains students who work for the military. They can help to convert military pilot’s licences into EASA licences and thus open more career opportunities. So, anyone leaving the armed forces with flying experience should consider getting in touch. It could help to open a host of new prospects and provide a stable income for civilian life.

Anyone who wants to learn more should visit the Aeros website today. Alternatively, you can contact the team with questions or queries by using the details below this section. There is always someone on hand to set the record straight or get the ball rolling. Best of all? Training centres are now located in Coventry, Gloucester, Nottingham, Cardiff, and Stratford upon Avon. So, nobody has to travel too far to take part in their chosen course.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Dave Riches
Address: Anson House,
Coventry Airport, CV8 3AZ
Phone: 07845 471220
Email Id:

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