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Ajwa – The Heavenly Fruit Is The Caviar Of Dates Renowned Worldwide

Ajwa – The Heavenly Fruit Is The Caviar Of Dates Renowned Worldwide

Toronto, ON, June 17, 2016 — Toronto based Royal Dates Inc. prides itself for not only importing the sweetest and softest dates, but for also identifying which dates packs the biggest punch with regards to nutritional and healing benefits. A native exclusively to Madina, Saudi Arabia, Ajwa can now be found in other hot desert regions that have imported the fruit and attempted cultivation. However, the purest form of Ajwa can only be found in Madina.

Ajwa is the heavenly fruit that is hailed for its innumerable health benefits including anti-cancer. This little black fruit is in a league of its own. Dark coloured with fine white lines, it has a distinctive flavour and subtle sweetness. Anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardiotonic, galactogogue and laxative are just some of the medicinal benefits and healing properties that have earned this fruit the title as “the king of dates”. To read more about the health benefits of Ajwa, please click ( here to check out our detailed article.

Like most other fruits, Ajwa dates comes in many different grades but it is by far the most expensive on the market. On the low end, a dry, hard to chew ajwa can still cost anywhere from $12/lb USD and for top of the line, soft, moist ajwa it can cost as must as $300/lb USD. Not all dates are created equal. Ajwa has a special place in Arab Tradition due to its medicinal benefits and rich history.

Available on, Arz Fine Foods and soon to be hitting the shelves at Pusateri’s, Ajwa is slowing making its way through the North American market.

About Royal Dates Inc.
Royal Dates Inc. began importing dates in March of 2015, after a short visit to Saudi Arabia by owner Ghaz Syed led to his discovery of more date fruits that were not available in the Western Market.

Royal Dates Inc. will uphold its promise to import only the finest of dates. Owner Ghaz Syed stated in a recent interview “There are so many delicious flavours and nuances in taste that the West has never experienced before. Most companies import the cheapest of dates because they are easier to sell, but we’re proudly taken the road less traveled. We hope to tantalize the Vegans, the Sugar-Free, and the Organic Lovers taste buds with the caramel-like Sukkari Dates.” For more information, please visit

Ghaz Syed, Owner
Royal Dates Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

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