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All Elements of Wood Flooring Available

All Elements of Wood Flooring Available

Boca Raton, FL; 24, September 2015: There is something majestic about hardwood floors and flooring. The look, character and feel just cannot be matched. In South Florida, there is but one place to look for hardwood flooring, Showcase Wood Floors.

In business for 21 years, Showcase Wood Floors has the experience and skill for even the most discriminating of tastes in floorings. A full line of colors, woods, brands and more are all at the click of a button on the website, but to really appreciate the quality of the wood, visiting the store is the way to go.

“Yes; we have a website. It is a great place to start, but to really see if the colors and grains you select are right, there is nothing better than the customer’s own eye,” said David Abrahams of Showcase Wood Floors.

Showcase is a full service company. In addition to sales, they offer installation from highly qualified technicians, licensed and bonded to bring the absolute best to a home or office. Each customer is treated like the individual should be treated, and each home receives the exact same eye for detail as the other.

“Our installation crews have rave reviews,” said Abrahams.

Those who have hardwood floors that have seen more than their share of years are

also in luck. Showcase Wood Floors offers restoration.

“Too often a home is sold, and the new family wants the floors redone. Scuff marks and such are memories for some, but the new families wish to have their own memories. Our techniques and equipment can bring wood floors back to a near showroom finish at a fraction of the cost of new flooring,” said Abrahams.

Besides South Florida, Showcase Wood Floors has stores in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Their website can connect customers to each store with a few clicks of the mouse.

Learn more at

For Media Contact:
Person Name: David Abrahams
Company: Showcase Wood Floors
Phone: 888-355-7890

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