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All Power to Solar: Green Gadgets

All Power to Solar: Green Gadgets

“The Earth has everything for our need, but not for our greed”

The above much-cited adage is known to all and sundry. Human greed has decimated forests, made certain species of animals extinct, and now excess consumption is threatening the reserves of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, petroleum and diesel. Not to mention the fact that the aforementioned fuels are the biggest culprits when it comes to polluting the environment and escalating the process of Global Warming.  In these conditions, there is an urgent need to shift our dependence on renewable sources of energy such as bio-fuel and solar power.

And this is the principle that Solar Ya Africa believes in. It is a firm that deals in solar-power-enabled gadgets such as solar geysers, solar-panelled water savers and similarly designed plumbing circuit systems. Each of these is built with solar panels attached to them which absorbs sunlight and converts it into mechanical energy, which in turn makes these machines work. Under geysers, the models on offer are: KF 302, 300 J and 180 J. The first two have a suitability of 4-6 people, while the last has a range of 1-4. The colourbonds of all three are tagged as “optional”, and warranty ranges from 5-10 years. Q-factors are 37.59, 35.53 and 37.59 MJ respectively.

There are numerous advantages to using a solar water heater:

–Saving money on electric bill.

–The use of electricity would be halved, and it would contribute to lesser pollution in the environment.

–There’s a 50 percent reduction in the means of traditional energy.

–Adding a solar unit to the home would increase its value.

Overall, solar geyser supplier Solar Ya Africa strives to give out the message that solar energy would be the best option to substitute fossil fuel. According to studies, Africa receives about 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, and the country receives solar radiation that is twice the size of Europe. And therefore, this immense bounty of Nature should be exploited to the fullest in order to serve humankind. This is precisely what Solar Ya Africa aims to do through its Solahart Solar geysers and other similar environment-friendly products in its range. For more, log in to:

Solar Ya Africa is a green-products company based in Fourways, South Africa. They are well-known for their range of Solarhart Solar geysers and other solar-powered gadgets.

2 Roos street ,Fourways
011 462 1152/3
011 462 1130

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