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APPFX Announces Availability Of Toys On Amazon.com

APPFX Announces Availability Of Toys On Amazon.com

Portland, OR – AppFX (www.AppFXtoys.com) announces that their flagship products are now available through leading global online retailer Amazon.com. The newly patented AppFX Car offers children an interactive car and driver experience – working in tandem with an iPhone or iPod Touch – using the FX Driver app to create a virtual experience for a pint-sized driver. By engaging FX Driver, children can see into, hear and feel their physical car.

“Offering our products on Amazon is a real win/win all around, but especially for our valued customers,” commented Daniel Freeman, Co-founder. “Being available directly through Amazon means our orders are now available for two day shipping via Prime.”

“Additionally,” he added, “customers will have the confidence knowing they are ordering from one of the most secure websites in the world. AppFXtoys.com is highly secure, protected and PCI compliant; however, not being as well known, we thought customers would feel more comfortable ordering from a familiar environment. We couldn’t be more excited about this relationship.”

Amazon.com will also allow AppFX to benefit their customers with services such as wider international availability, satisfaction guarantees, and a fundraising mechanism for nonprofits.

The company is very happy to support Amazon Smile , a very low profile charitable giving service on Amazon. Users who purchase FX Car and Driver through Smile have the opportunity of .5% of each sale being donated to a deserving charity of the shopper’s choice. “We are very passionate about our charitable causes,” added Mr. Freeman.

It is a relationship that AppFX looks forward to building and expanding upon in the near future.

For more information, visit www.appfxtoys.com

About DC Labs:

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, AppFX’ parent company DC Labs LLC is a privately owned company dedicated to finding creative ways to both repurpose electronic devices and bring new life to beloved toys. Please join their cause and help their passionate team of geeks limit the needless destruction of devices today.

Daniel Freeman
3711 SE Franklin St.
Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 395-5007
Email: info@appfxtoys.com

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