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Apple Iphone and Ipad Repair Service London

Apple Iphone and Ipad Repair Service London

Essex, UK; 08, August 2016: Technology has become a crucial focal point of our social lives. Very few people can get through the day without looking down at their iPhone or checking their Ipad. It is almost second nature to switch on your tablet rather than to turn on the TV. Over the years we have seen Apple Iphones and Ipads get smaller and thinner to the point where they fit almost anywhere. As such, we can take them everywhere. They are the number one pieces of technology for most of the buying public.

This tech has become more delicate and temperamental. Thinner tablets and smaller phones mean that these luxury gadgets that can cost north of £600 are easy to break and lose. If an iPhone or iPad is damaged, it will need repairing. Owners often head straight for the Apple Genius Bars to get a repair. The costs charged here are obscene. It may cost nearly as much as what was paid for the phone to replace a broken screen.

The iTech Store is providing the cheaper and more affordable alternative. The company repairs both ipads and phones at lower prices compared to the Genius Bar with a service that can be trusted.

iTech Store offers three different ways for customers who want a repair. It can be arranged with a mail in, call out or walk in. At iTech, providing the best service to the customer is the number one priority. That is why a one year guarantee is also included with the service, free of charge. If an iPhone was replaced at an Apple Store, a customer might have had to pay extra for this warranty. It is intended to put minds at rest for those who are scared the fix will not be a permanent solution to the problem.

iTech Store wants customers to know that they understand their concerns. They have done everything possible to make the process easy. Customers can check their model on the itech Store website. They will then be able to get information on the cost of the repair and compare it to other services on the market.

The reliance we now have on technology is both a blessing and a curse. We are more connected than ever, and it does make life easier. However, if the tech breaks or malfunctions it can leave people in a desperate situation. Either, they need to get the device repaired or buy another. It is certainly a challenge to live without a mobile phone, even for a short period. iTech want to offer the best solution to this issue. They continue towards the goal of providing the top repair service for Apple customers. A budget friendly solution that is priced to value from a team that customers can trust.

For More Information Visit Our Website: www.itechstore.co.uk

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