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Armored Cars – Mezcal

Armored Cars



Mezcal Security Vehicles is one of the elite suppliers of armored vehicles globally. They established their headquarters in Dubai in 2012. Their work has awarded them the honor of one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of armored vehicles. Providing armoring for vehicles from passenger cars/SUVs to military personnel carriers, including cash-in-transit in addition to the custom armoring for any vehicles is a trademark of Mezcal. The In-house design team consists of world-class design engineers who can provide an armored solution for any Vehicle.

CEO of Mezcal said that he was proud of the fact that the company’s efforts have been protecting the lives of many, even in the utmost hostile and warlike environments. They commit themselves to delivering the best in class vehicle-armoring for security solutions, according to the claims by the factory engineers and technicians. Using class leading armor materials such as Teijin Aramids, AGP, Glassek armored glass, Thyssen High-Strength blast steel and Hutchinson run-flat systems show that they do not compromise on the safety of the Vehicles at all.

The original appearance and handling capabilities of the vehicle must be left intact no matter how much armor you put in. Nevertheless, the discretion and appearance become key elements for not being singled out and targeted. So Mezcal made this QA’s first priority and QC is an essential element of each production process at Mezcal Security Vehicles.

Importing and exporting vehicles to any region of the world are relatively easy for any UAE-based firms due to the friendly laws by the government. The spokesperson for Mezcal Security Vehicle said that they have been delivering vehicles all over the world successfully for past few years and they have satisfied customers worldwide. Mezcal CEO also emphasized on the fact that they want to achieve the feat of being The Number One Armored Car Manufacturer for VIPs and Security Personnel Worldwide.

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