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Arrowstorm Entertainment’s Fantasy Film ‘Mythica 2’ Kickstarter Campaign Gains High Ranking

Arrowstorm Entertainment’s Fantasy Film ‘Mythica 2’ Kickstarter Campaign Gains High Ranking

Fantasy film lovers have made Mythica 2 so popular it has become a Staff Pick and top-ranked campaign project on the Kickstarter site.

Provo, UT, USA, April 21, 2015 — The fantasy film Mythica 2: The Darkspore is the second in a series by indie film company Arrowstorm Entertainment. It is currently a “Staff Pick” on the Kickstarter crowd funding site. The dramatic, action-filled medieval fantasy has a trailer that can be seen at

Fans of the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter have flocked to be a part of this dramatic adventure fantasy film series.  More than 400 became backers in just the first two days after launch on Kickstarter, earning top popularity of all indie films on the site and ranking as a Staff Pick.

“It’s the first time we’ve risen to the top of the Kickstarter rankings, and held the number one spot across all Kickstarter projects,” said Arrowstorm executive Jason Faller. “We’re a Staff Pick, the top of New and Noteworthy, and Most Popular all at once. We’re just happy to see such overwhelming support for the film,” he added.

Filming is complete, but the Kickstarter campaign is needed to help complete the highest quality editing and special effects. The outstanding quality of the first film in the series, Mythica: Quest for Heroes, demonstrates the quality of what can be expected (

The Mythica series follows the adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark power of necromancy, who must learn to harness the power that threatens to corrupt her. She recruits a team of adventurers to battle Szorlok, the legendary Necromancer, and thwart his goal of uniting the four shards of the Darkspore to unleash an undead plague on the land. The story includes sorcerers, wizards, dragons, ogres, and other mythical creatures.

Backers can support the film by purchasing a variety of rewards, including digital downloads, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and even be credited on the film itself.

Founded in 2011, Arrowstorm Entertainment has quickly become the world’s leading creator of fantasy and sci-fi films. As an independent studio, Arrowstorm has the freedom to create unique stories that capture the imaginations of true fans. Having produced 13 epic movies in just over 3 years, Arrowstorm is taking on the studios as an international powerhouse in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Jason Faller
Arrowstorm Entertainment
Provo, UT, USA

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