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Attentively factors about how better install your car GPS trackers

Attentively factors about how better install your car GPS trackers

America – Have you purchased one set of Motorcycle GPS Tracker GT100 from us? If your answer is yes, the following information will teach you how to install your tracker better and safety.

Installation route

First, if people know how to do those electrical installation works, they could finish the installing by their own hand. In fact, people could only find out the positive and negative of the car power. The negative is very easy to be found and it is located at the body ground place. The positive is in the insurance box or the place near the car key.

Secondly, people should note that the light and antenna side of the TR02 must be toward the sky and this side should not close to the metal objects as it need to receive satellite signals from twenty thousand kilometers high.

However, if people really do not know how to finish the installation, they need to find some professional person to help them finish this process. It will not cost a lot.

The installation location

The installation places for the ICONCOX GPS trackers could be listed as below.

The front windshield at the top of the roof lights; The front windshield inside the shelter beneath the decorative plates; the front dashboard surrounding the shelter; bulkhead doors; the place under decorative plates beneath the windshield; the place inside the front bumper; the place under the wiper board.

If the windshield has been attached with the metal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the GPS receiver signal and then cause into the GPS malfunction. In that case, people need to change the place for installation.

At last, each purchaser should remember that the installation for the ICONCOX GPS tracker need to be stealthy and safety. Only in that way could this device help you better keep the security of your car.

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