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Author LeNora Millen Pens Her Fourth Book Entitled “That Moment When!”

Author LeNora Millen Pens Her Fourth Book Entitled “That Moment When!”

That Moment When… is a book that many can relate to! The author has tapped into a plethora of moments that may leave some people asking….”What just happened and is there a place to retreat?”

Memphis, TN, APR 01, 2016 — Most people on the planet have experienced moments that send them into various stages of joy or stages of complete embarrassment. “That moment” may set the stage for you to dream of showing off for the world, or dependent upon the situation, may cause you to retreat into hiding. Unfortunately, many of our most embarrassing moments are indelibly ingrained within our mind, and as much as one would hope to forget those not-so-pleasant moments, the memory leaves many in a state of wishing that the moment was merely an afterthought.

LeNora Millen, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, prides herself on her ability to make the most of mundane situations. Her zest for life and youthful spirit sets the tone for many in her presence to unwind and simply allow the spontaneity of laugher to create memorable and oftentimes unpredictable moments. LeNora has revisited her passion for writing with “That Moment When,” which is her fourth book. She is the Author of “Seeds of Deception” (2005), “The Power of Self” “Reclaiming the I Am” (2011) and “The Lady has Spoken” (2011).

LeNora’s vision is to bring balance to her life by allowing her passion for writing to become a one-on-one conversation with the reader. She pours her heart into every word conceived upon while creating a unique work of fiction, non-fiction, quotes, and memorable moments!

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Email: millenbooks@gmail.com
Website: http://www.authorlenoramillen.com/

Book information:

Title: “That Moment When”

ISBN/SKU: 9781504983945 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

ISBN/SKU: 9781504983952 (E-Book)

Available from: AuthorHouse, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders Online, and various online booksellers

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