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Electric Motor and Generator Market : Major Drivers for this market is the ever Increasing Developments in Electrical and Electronics Markets


An electric motor and generator assembly, also called a dynamometer is a setup used fro converting electrical energy into other forms of energy. These setups are commonly used to regulate and convert the frequency, voltage and power phases of electricity. The motor-generator assembly can occur as individual an separate components or as a single setup with both rotor coils of ... Read More »

Silicon Wafers Market : Demand of Technologically Advancing Electronic Devices and Gadgets.


A silicon wafer is a thin slice of silicon crystals that can be altered to be used in different types of electronics because silicon is a high quality semiconductor. Wafers are created by a lab-grown crystal growing process. The desired resulting wafer can be obtained by controlling various levels of purity, which can be used for various types of electronics. ... Read More »

Master Data Management Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2023


Master data is the consolidated, synchronized enterprise-wide business data sheet that has information about customers, products suppliers pertaining to the organization. Master data management (MDM) comprises the standards, processes, policies, tools and governance that consistently manages structures and collates the critical data of an organization to provide a single point of reference. Master data management has become one of the ... Read More »

North America dominated the market for data center design and construction: TMR


The rapid growth in the amount of data consumed and generated by various organizations, businesses and individuals has led to rise in demand for data storage leading to the increase in number of data centers. Globally, data centers are emerging as computational hubs for end-users and enterprises. The number of data centers is increasing rapidly to cater to the demand ... Read More »

Increased the Demand and Awareness of IoNT Market

Internet of Nano Things

One of the major factors driving the growth of IoNT market is the rise of ubiquitous connectivity. With the increasing number of computer devices and interconnection capabilities over the internet, various industrial applications of IoNT have been identified. The interconnection of nano devices has enabled efficient communication of data between different devices or components of a system. Thus, through IoNT, ... Read More »

Warehouse Management Systems Market : increase speed and efficiency in the internal Parts

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software suite; an integral part of Supply Chain Management (SCM) that delivers the ability to map any warehouse structure (irrespective of the size) according to the specific requirements of the SCM process. It optimizes the management, storage and distribution of products or raw materials. It also helps to increase speed and efficiency in the ... Read More »

Power System Analysis Software is Widely Utilized in the Power Industry


Power system analysis software tool delivers valuable data to users that operate and design distribution systems and to utilities that take advantage of the innovative energy technologies. Power system analysis software incorporates the most superior modeling methods along with high performance algorithms to provide the best modeling to the end users. Studies pertaining to modeling and simulation are an integral ... Read More »

Digital Media has Changed the Face of Digital Photography


Marketing is sharpening its focus on the ‘D’ word whether it is the Digital market or Digital photography market. Just 20 years ago, people were considerably less aware about this market as well as the charming opportunities that it could provide. The market for digital photography is estimated at USD 82.6 billion by the year 2016, registering a growth of ... Read More »

Key Driving Factors in the Smart Homes Market

Smart Homes

The research document on the global smart homes market examines the scenario with the aid of detailed overviews and key market statistics. The report enunciates the industry’s overall capacities, aggregate growth rate, and infrastructure systems in use. It also explores the major opportunities for growth, as well as restraints on the smart homes market. Growing safety concerns and improvements in ... Read More »

Major Impact on Consumers Access to Broadband Internet : IPv6

Internet Protocol

Internet has become an important infrastructure of the modern society. Today’s Internet is completely based on Internet Protocol version 4 protocol (IPv4) which is the foundation of routing and addressing. In February, 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority announced the exhaustion of available IPv4 addresses. As a result, IPv4 addresses are no longer available to support future development, resulting in ... Read More »