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iMyfone Released Free iPhone Cleaner for Apple iOS Users


USA – January, 14th, 2016: iMyfone Umate Free, an ace free iPhone cleaner developed by iMyfone Technology, has been introduced to help user clean up massive junk files and enhance their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch performance for free. It is evident that the storage space on iOS devices be it iPhone, iPod or iPad simply cannot be increased, making it necessary for users to efficiently utilize the existing available space. In most cases, users have found themselves with too many junk files on their iPhone but with no solution on how to start deleting them. Others have their iDevices running slow to keep up with their needs, as a good number of users continue to get tired of the frequent “Storage Almost Full” Alerts. iMyfone Umate Free offers a complete space saving analysis for your iPhone with an aim of offering iPhone users with a reliable free iPhone cleaner. It features more than 25 advanced space saving analysis technologies to help users analyze the storage information on their iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), free space and still comprehend how much can be released through a clear and all-inclusive data presentation. iMyfone Umate Free has the ability to detect and delete all type of junk files that have been produced by third created by third-party apps or the ones that are of no use. It achieves this by clearing cache, cookie and temp files produces by third party apps. Apart from deleting all the junk files, iMyfone Umate Free also saves important data by allowing users to uncheck them before cleaning. According to its Tech Spec, the supported devices include: iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus, iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, The new iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3 iPad Pro, and iPod touch 4/touch 5. Besides, the supported systems includes: OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (the Mac version is coming soon). Pricing and availability.  To learn more about how iMyfone Umate Free works, its availability for download and pricing, please follow this link: About iMyfone iMyfone Technology is a vibrant professional software developer that specializes and focuses on developing useful mobile utility software which offers relevant help to users of iOS devices. iMyfone Technology offers approved products and services for their customers. For more information, please visit Read More »

iMyfone Updated Its iPhone Data Recovery to Rescue Your Lost Files


USA – January, 14th, 2016: iMyfone Technology, a vibrant software company that develops mobile utility, announces the availability of a new version of iMyfone D-Back that supports more than 19 types of files recovery on all iOS devices. This new version allows users more easily and smartly to scan their devices to recover lost or deleted files. Moreover, some minor bugs have been fixed to improve the software stability. Since its introduction, the powerful iPhone data recovery software of iMyfone D-back has been proved. It provides four recovery modes namely: Smart recovery, Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup to ensure finding damages, lost or deleted files at best by allowing user to quickly scan and find deleted files, an deep scan to strongly detect devices and discover much more lost files, and solve the data loss problem excellently. By improving and renaming iMyfone D-Back from the old iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone, the developer (iMyfone Technology) has improved this software to offer the ease-of-use and reliable software to recover various kind of lost data. The smart recovery procedure has been improved to shorten the time of detect uses’ lost file. To help recover iPhone data, this new version – iMyfone D-Back Data Recovery for iPhone offers you several new features including a brand new user interface, support to recover an additional 7 types of file including Skype, WeChat, Skype, Voice Memo, Safari History, App Video, App Photo and Reminder, an improved stability after fixing the minor bugs, and most importantly the changed name from iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone to iMyfone D-Back. Besides, iMyfone D-Back is available to rescue your lost or deleted data cause if accidentally lost or deleted your iPhone data, iPhone is damaged, broken or lost, iPhone locked by forgotten code, iDevices attacked by virus and due to iPhone jailbreak, factory reset, IOS upgrade and others. According to its tech spec, the supported devices include: iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus, iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, The new iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3 iPad Pro, and iPod touch 4/touch 5. Besides, the system supported includes: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.7 – Mac OS X 10.10. Pricing and availability. iMyfone D-Back Data Recovery iPhone is available for both Windows and Mac version. Follow the link to learn more about iMyfone D-Back and iMyfone D-Back for Mac and all the relevant details about its pricing and availability. About iMyfone Technology. iMyfone Technology is a vibrant professional software developer that specializes and focuses on developing useful mobile utility software which offers relevant help to users of iOS devices. iMyfone Technology offers  approved products and services for their customers. For more information, please visit Address: 113 Room, E Building, Zhigu High Tech Park, No. 4 Yintian Road, Xixiang Street, Baoan, Shenzhen, China. Postcode: 518000 Tel: +86 0755 85254595 Email: support [at] Read More »

iMyfone launches a powerful utility – iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone


Here comes the iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone! The best solution to solve the iPhone storage full problem! Until now, already thousands users experienced this remarkable program. The excellent iMyfone Technology is a software developer devoting to satisfying iPhone users with their best products. Over millions of iPhone users spreading the world are using iMyfone products. iMyfone has got plenty ... Read More »

New product iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone was released to free up iPhone space


This month iMyfone Technology has launched a new product which can effectively release more space on iPhone for iPhone users. It is iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone. This the product is exactly what iPhone users need who own small storage iPhone. iMyfone Technology is the most popular iPhone software company. With their product iPhone users can solve some usual iPhone ... Read More »

iMyfone released new product helps users free up iPhone space


iMyfone Technology has launched a new product – iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone. Just after a few days this new product has attracted thousands of users to download. This is an useful utility which iOS device users absolutely can not miss. iMyfone Technology, a professional software developer, has offered services to millions of iOS device users. With their product iDevice ... Read More »

iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone updated to new version with new features


Recently iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone released the 3.5.1 version to iPhone users. iPhone users can update or buy the newest version to gain the new features for better experience. iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. is a top software company developing iOS devices utilities for iDevice users. The iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone is their one of outstanding product. Who have ... Read More »

Get your FREE iMyfone Space Saver for iOS on Halloween


Here comes Halloween! A special giveaway for iPhone users! From now until 11/02/2015, iPhone users only need to share the news to social media and can get iMyfone Space Saver for iOS for FREE! The full version is now at 70% discount. Also they can get iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone for FREE too! iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. aims to ... Read More »

iMyfone is giving away Free Data Recover for iPhone on Halloween


Trick or treat? Halloween is coming! Expecting only treat and no trick? iMyfone is inviting every iPhone users to participate in Halloween giveaway campaign to get FREE iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone! iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company aiming to fix iPhone users’ problem and provide convenience to them. They made their product easy-to-use. With their product iPhone ... Read More »

How to Free up Space on iPhone with iMyfone Space Saver


Loving taking photos with high quality? Using a 16gb iPhone or other larger storage iPhone which still can not satisfy your need?iPhone always gets stuck? Need to install apps but iPhone is out of space? Want to download iOS 9 with limited space? These problem will be no problem anymore with iMyfone Space Saver for iOS !   iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. is a software development company to offer iPhone users convenience. Their product can fix different kinds of problem with iPhone like data recovery and iPhone out of space. With their high technique you can solve them in an easiest way.   With the upgrading of iOS and iPhone camera, small storage iPhone is getting abandoned. But switching to a new, large storage iPhonecosts much money. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and can’t bear the storage full problem? Then you have to try iMyfone Space Saver for iOS. Their software can  free storage space on iphone by two ways: junk files clean-up and lossless photo compression. You don’t even need to worry about your photo will be ruined because before the photo compression it will back up your original photos to your computer.   “ Many people are used to store their photos on their iPhone so they can share their photos anywhere and anytime. They don’t like to back up their photos to computer and deleted them on iPhone. But as you know high quality photos take much space. Our software can compress your photos to release more space. You can share origin photo and compressed image to social media at the same time, you will find they has no difference.” Says Mr.Dean, CEO of iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.   When this software released, it got highly recommended and a lot of positive comment. It saved a lot of small storage iPhone. People don’t need to pay for the new iPhone. It enables the 16gb iPhone user to  experience iOS 9.   Here’s the comment of a satisfied user:“ I love to share my life on social media, so I take a lot of photos everyday. But I found my iPhone storage is getting not enough to use. I am so glad to have this software, every space clean it can save me about 2gb space. That is an amazing number!”   About the Company iMyfone aims to provide convenience to their customers. They are professional and always do the best. If you feel interested in their products, visit this site at homepage to know more. You will find what you need on their website. Read More »

Get Your Free Registration Code of iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone


Shenzhen, China, August 12, 2015 – Now you may have a chance to experience the powerful software developed by iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. for free. A free giveaway campaign will be held by iMyfone during 12th Aug to 18th Aug. Everyone can get a registration code for FREE as long as they enter their names and emails on the contest ... Read More »