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Auto HiTech – Kolkata’s Leading Maruti Car Dealer

Auto HiTech – Kolkata’s Leading Maruti Car Dealer

Are you confused regarding your choice of car? Do you want certified used cars for a fair deal? Do you want to get rid of all the hassles that come with car insurance, delivery and registration? Well, this is your place to be! Here, at Auto HiTech, they provide a solution to all your troubles, and a real canvas for all your dreams to flourish on! You get high quality service and special deals. Also, with Auto HiTech, the clients get a warm and homely experience through the practice of ceremonies like cake cutting, pujas and much more after the car handover process is completed.

Presently, the offer of the month at Auto HiTech is the Maruti Car Exchange offer! Exchange your old cars for new ones and get high concessions on your purchase! Maruti Finance options are also available for the remaining amount which can be paid off by the client through small instalments. So hurry! Free yourself from the bondage of outdated cars and take a step towards your dream car. Be assured that your dreams can now go easy on your pocket with Auto HiTech!

At Auto HiTech, experience high quality services, provided by trained Maruti Service Advisers and Maruti Consultants. Car servicing is available after car purchase at their service centres for seven days in a week where each service is quickly carried out within a period of 2.5 hours. In fact, to go easy on the customer’s busy schedule, pick-up and drop-off services are also provided by Auto HiTech as well. Hassle free insurance services are also offered for purchase of the best suited car for your needs.

In order to claim such service and offers, you can easily contact Auto HiTech through email, call or directly visit them at their show room or service centre. A contact form is available on their website as well. To know more, please visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook, YouTube and twitter in order to get the latest updates regarding deals and upgrades on their services and offers!

About Auto HiTech
Auto HiTech is known as one of the best Maruti Suzuki dealers in Kolkata. It provides high quality servicing, consulting agents and car financing. It has a well developed Maruti Service Centre and highly trained experts who guide their customers towards the best deals and offers available on Maruti affiliated auto mobiles.

Show Room
97A, Southern Avenue
Phone: 033-40309700

Service Centre
34A, C.N. Roy Road
Phone: 033-40218200
West Bengal

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