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AyushRemedies.in Releases Natural Treatment For High Blood Pressure

AyushRemedies.in Releases Natural Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood over the walls of arteries that transport blood to all parts of our body. Many people today are suffering from this issue and think about how to lower high blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure of arterial hypertension is a disorder in which the blood pressure is elevated from its nominal value. There are two types of blood pressures that we measure, systolic and diastolic which are maximum and minimum pressures in the same order. Systolic is the pressure measured when left ventricle is most contracted i.e. blood is sent into the arteries while diastolic pressure is the pressure of left ventricle when it is most relaxed. The normal range of systolic and diastolic pressures lies within the range of 100 – 140 mmHg to 60 – 90 mmHg respectively.

Blood pressure should lie within this range. In case, one’s blood pressure exceeds this range for prolonged periods of time one is suffering from hypertension. It is necessary for us to maintain both of these pressures as they have their own negative implications and pose serious threats. High systolic pressure brings about risk of coronary heart disease, hemorrhage and anxiety. High diastolic pressure weakens the heart and its muscles drastically. Symptoms of high blood pressure are very silent and can remain unnoticed for years. Some of them include vertigo, headaches, heavy head, hissing in ears, altered vision and red spots in eyes.

Unhealthy lifestyle of over consumption of junk foods, low potassium diet, high salt intake, drinking and smoking habits, lack of physical activity and obesity are majorly responsible for hypertension. Other causes may include use of birth control pills, racial and genetic factors, strong family history, suffering from diseases like thyroid and aging, etc. One must take natural treatment for high blood pressure because it leaves no harmful side effects as caused by measures of allopathy.

Ingredients in a proper proportion are used in natural treatment for high blood pressure such as Brahmi, Arjun, Ashwagandha, Ganjwan, Chota Chand, Aam, Shankhupushpi, etc. These herbs to lower blood pressure are time tested and very effective and so are included in the natural treatment for high blood pressure. One has to consume 1 or 2 Stresx capsules for twice a day with water for over 3 to 4 months to get remarkable results. The price range of Stresx capsules, natural treatment for high blood pressure is also very affordable.

One can enquire about the pricing of our Stresx capsules which are pure natural treatment for high blood pressure from our website AyushRemedies.in that is launched exclusively for India. One can also get to know about our wide range of ayurvedic products. Payment techniques are reliable and one can make payment through DD (Demand Draft), NEFT (bank transfer) and cheque or COD (cash on delivery). Delivery is done within the time of 3 to 5 business days. Discreet packaging is done using plain paper so that the inner contents remain hidden.

So you are assured of having advantages of taking our product Stresx capsules. Please visit our online herbal shop and try our products. To know more about this product visit: http://www.ayushremedies.in/product/ayurvedic-capsules-to-control-hypertension/


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