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Bad Singers on The Voice, X-Factor and American Idol can create Popstars

Bad Singers on The Voice, X-Factor and American Idol can create Popstars

Bad performances on reality shows can hugely influence singing, even if it is just in the shower!  The brain processes the negative attributes of a performer and helps us to avoid them, claims a UK based Voice coach.  The singing voice can be dramatically improved by simply absorbing and processing the mistakes of others.

Voice coach Pete Moody concluded that his students improve after listening to a bad recording of themselves or even another singer.  Whether it’s pitching issues, vocal tone or general performance, singers can gain so much experience and improve their approach from the mistakes of others.  An untrained singing voice is the product of the brain filtering all the singing performances ever heard.  Singers often try to combine the best parts and remove the worst.  The more exposure to other singers, the better.

Pete Moody commented: “It’s just like in fashion, if something is seen and not liked, the brain erases the notion of ever wearing it. Watching and listening to other singers is a vital part of learning how to sing

Many people who watch these reality shows are not sure if they can sing well or even in tune.  The good news is…if a bad singer can be spotted, the chances are that they do have some musical ability.  The judging panel are always designed to be controversial.  Audiences watching at home will often disagree with the ‘industry professionals’ and that is a good thing.  Everyone has different tastes and influences which ultimately prove that they can judge performances to a standard they approve of.  It makes sense to take this thought process to the next level and find out if they can do what they already know – right?

The secrets of professional technique and a tool for singing in tune can be found at Pete Moody’s website


Pete Moody is a voice coach and singing teacher.  He has trained voices for over 15years.  Pete is author of ‘How to be a Pop Sensation- The Ultimate Guide for Vocalists’.  Pete has worked as expert guest for BBC, Granada Media and Channel 5 (UK).  Pete’s main focus is on private clients.  His tutorials are also available on YouTube.

For further information, please contact:
Pete Moody – Voice Coach
0795 777 0408 (mobile)
27 Merivale Grove, Walderslade, Kent, UK  ME5 8HP

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