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New York, January 19, 2016 — posted an infographic entitled “5 Types of Women that Ride Motorcycles”on December 12, 2016 by Karl, who is the main man behind This infographic is all about different types of motorcycle riding women that have their own individual style, appearance, preferences and personality. And this infographic will help the reader in exactly understanding each different type of motorcycle riding women.

As stated by, “In the motorcycle world there are many different types of motorcycles, and also many different types of people that ride those bikes. Groups, charters, gangs, loose affiliations; all names that apply to a portion of this big biker club that we all belong to”. Likewise, according to, there are 5 different types of Motorcycle Riding Women which are categorized as Chopper Lady, Harley Girl, Cafe Racer, Sport Bike and Dirt Bike Girl.

Different traits of these Motorcycle Riding Women include Chopper Lady – She is a strong lady with a tattooed body, she loves her bike and doesn’t like others touching it because she has developed her love (Motorcycle) from scratch; Harley Girl – She is classy and only likes to ride premium quality bikes, she loves to enjoy and to participate in different biker rallies supporting different causes; Café Racer – She is an all 70-80’s era loving women and she loves to style her bike around that era; Sport Bike – She loves to ride her motorcycle fast and also loves one wheeling on a very high speed; and Dirt Bike Girl – She is tough and doesn’t mind getting dirty, greasy or muddy. The following infographic can also be helpful for all those guys who are looking for a perfect motorcycle riding partner. publishes hundreds of such interesting and informative articles, and recently they have doubled their page views due to new content and content promotion.

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