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Barcode Scanner Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report 2017-2027

Barcode Scanner Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report 2017-2027

Since their beginning in early 1970s, barcode readers have evolved into barcode scanners in a swift manner. Today more or less every product in the market comes with barcodes printed on it, which can be scanned through barcode scanners. The result is quicker check out at cash counters, easy and accurate record keeping, better inventory control for manufacturers & retailers and data tracking to better understand the customer needs and preferences.

In recent years, barcode scanner developers have taken a leap to the next level of this technology with barcode scanner apps. With the invention of Google Glass, these apps have brought countless opportunities. It allows individuals to not only purchase with a verbal cue, but they can also redefine the way people work. Barcode scanners are completely integrated into the day to day activities of inventory management, whether with the purchase of a product from a grocery store, mass merchandise or department stores.

It is always important for every medical facility to work efficiently and faster. As the number of patients at hospital grows, risks associated with keeping track of patient medical records also increases. Also, those manufacturers, who like to record their real time inventory data find these mobile apps accurate in record keeping by just scanning the barcodes using a barcode scanner.

Now a days, manufacturers are developing applications which can run on multiple platforms, which integrates barcode scanners in the devices. For instance, Wasp Barcode Technologies introduced ID barcode scanner, which easily synchronizes with Android, Windows and iOS devices to make it convenient for retailers as well as the customers.

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Owing to high durability, in industrial sector, 2D barcodes such as PDF417, Data Matrix and QR codes are increasingly being used. 2D barcodes are less prone to errors and also versatile as compared to 1D barcodes. Furthermore, the 2D data could be accessed if approximately 32% of the data becomes dishonoured. Therefore, high preference towards 2D barcodes will increase the demand for 2D industrial barcode scanners.

Furthermore, in future, as we move towards mobile workplace, and technology continues to evolve, we can expect major changes in the type of barcode scanners that will be used by enterprises.

Barcode Scanner Market: Dynamics

The increase in number of e-commerce retailers coupled with government support focusing on digitalization of PDS (Public Distribution System) are considered as the primary factors driving barcode scanners market. Also, the growing number of multi-national logistics service providers is one of the key factors driving the demand of barcode scanners globally. The global demand for barcode scanners will also be influenced by emergence of big data. Since, the big data technology helps to analyse trend of consumer buying pattern and behaviour, which help business process.

Also, the availability of innovative and customized products such as mobile computing devices will be a significant driver for barcode scanner market. Instead of carrying heavy objects to barcode reader, the barcode scanner can be carried away for reading. As barcode scanners are highly flexible and easy to handle, their demand is expected to rise drastically in the future.

Barcode Scanner Market: Segmentation

Broadly, barcode scanner market is segmented on the basis of their housing type: handheld scanner, pen scanner, stationary scanner, fixed position scanner, PDA scanner, and automatic reader.

The global barcode scanner market also can be segmented on the basis of technology used: pen type reader, laser scanners, CCD readers (charge couple device), camera based readers, omni directional barcode scanners. The main industries where this technology can be used are retail, grocery, warehousing, healthcare, manufacturing, education, logistics and field services.

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Barcode Scanner Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global barcode scanner market identified across the value chain include (technology & manufacturers):

  • Code Corporation
  • Honewell International Inc.
  • Zebra
  • Datalogic S.p.A
  • Infiniti Pheripherals
  • Wasp Barcode Technologies
  • Radall IOT Tech Ltd.
  • KoamTac
  • Cognex Coporation
  • Advantech, Aceeca,Cipherlab

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