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Baristabarbar Barista Training in London New Training Facility.

Baristabarbar Barista Training in London New Training Facility.

31, August 2016: Baristabarbar is expanding its barista courses and coffee and roasting courses with a new facility being built around its expanded coffee roastery in London. Baristabarbar is already the leading provider of barista training courses in London but the new facility and workshop will allow for extended courses available for those entering the coffee industry. They will be training master roasters and new baristas working internationally. Baristabarbar will be the biggest provider of barista training in the UK.

Baristabarbar has been leading in coffee research. The process of coffee making is something that Baristabarbar specialises in. The coffee roaster is integral to coffee training and gives new baristas an insight into the whole process. As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association quality is at the centre of Baristabarbar’s barista training programme. The industry is constantly changing and expanding with new students coming to London from Asia, and in particular China.

The barista usually has is trained to operate the machine and to prepare the coffee based on the guidelines of the roaster or shop owner, while more experienced baristas may have discretion to vary preparation or experiment.

To make the coffee to a very high standard, there is a series of steps needing attention, the grinding the beans, extracting the shot, frothing the milk and pouring.

Beyond the preparation of coffee and other beverages and general customer service, skilled baristas acquire knowledge of the entire process of coffee to effectively prepare a desired cup of coffee, including maintenance and programming of the machine, grinding methods, roasting, and coffee plant cultivation. The more background knowledge the better the barista. Baristabarbar is offering barista training for those who are interested in proving the highest quality service in what is a constantly changing industry. The expansion of barista courses is a reflection of the broader changes in the industry. Baristabarbar is at the forefront of this change. After the London Coffee Festival there was a surge in applications for training at the Baristabarbar Lab. The next decade will see continued expansion in the coffee industry. Baristabarbar will be at the fore of this change.

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