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Basically principles and working modes of the ICONCOX GPS TRACKER

Basically principles and working modes of the ICONCOX GPS TRACKER

America – The personal GPS tracking devices is the tracking device which could be professed in individual using. On the other hand, this kind of personal tracking device could also be used for vehicles, valuable goods and pet positioning and monitoring. As the introduction of technician from the famous GPS tracker seller , this device has the compact size, stylish appearance, durable quality, high positioning accuracy and many other characteristics. This positioning product is mainly based on the GPS satellite positioning system to automatically obtain GPS information and other data information and then send the related position information to user by text message and other methods. Then, clients could achieve the long distance monitor and targeting via free Google earth map.

In addition to the working features like introducing before, this device also mainly has three working modes. The following information will tell people everything about this.

Normal mode

When the terminal is operating, it will send the related data to server according to the set time. If there is no moving of the objects which have been installed with the GPS tracker, the system of the tracker will automatically turns off the GPS power and then turn off GPRS communications and the system enters into the related low-power mode. When the objects recover its moving situation, the tracking device will reposition.

Car Mode

This working mode is familiar with the normal mode. However, it is more suitable for the using situation in the car. If people want to use the tracker in this mode with long period of time, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with the car charger then people will not worry about the situation of energy lacking.

The base station mode

This mode is used for the situations which do not have high demand for positioning accuracy. In this working mode, the power supply of the GPS vehicle tracking will be turned off. The power consuming in this mode could reach to minimum.

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