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Basketball Workout Tips Analyses TheFolker System Vert Shock Program

Basketball Workout Tips Analyses TheFolker System Vert Shock Program

31, December 2015: Any basketball player knows the importance of high vertical jumps on the court, allowing the player to dunk the ball andwin air superiority over the competition. is a vivid websitethat often offers tips and tricks for basketball enthusiasts to gain proficiency in the sport. This time, the site brings a detailed review of AdamFolkerVert Shock system that allows players to quickly increase their vertical jump and become powerful dunkers.

Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a vertical jump training system created by Adam Folker and professional dunker Justin Darlington. attempts to present the vertical leap tricks that Vert Shock offers. According to the blog, Adam Folker system is recognized as one of the world’s leading jump systems among basketball athletes (source: and the foundationof Vert Shockcomes from the creators’ personal experience.

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Adam Folker maintains that a player’s hit ratio in the basketball court largely depends upon the ability of his vertical jump, and for this reason one needs to work to increase his jumping ability. Players like Michael Jordan and LebronJames have used their jumping skills to rise into greatness and they are well-known for their high vertical jumps.

In order to review the Folker System VertShock program,the site took the help of a young athlete named Phil Clarke to adjudge the effectiveness of the program. After trying Vert Shock multiple times, the site can now ensure that the Folker system is an efficient system that can help even low level athletes to dunk ifthey earnestly follow the program. Any good basketball player needs to acquire the abilityto jump off the ground to score in games, and Folker’s program could prove a game changer.

According to the program’s official site, Vert Shock can help anyone to increase their jump by 9-15 inches in just 8 weeks time. Thus, the training could prove a magical solution for many basketball players who want to learn the NBA techniques and become successful on the court. The program is divided into three phases and it comes in the form of software with user guidelines, videos and online support. To learn more about the Vert Shock Folker System and to see how it matches against other vertical jump programs, one could visit

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Basketball Workout Tips is a blog dedicated for basketball enthusiasts. The site was created to share useful tips online and to help anyone who seeks to become a better basketball player improve their game performance. The siteoffers lots of information and knowledge about basketball training and conducts regular experiments of workoutregimens by measuring their effectiveness.

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