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Bay Wide Hauling Sees Unprecedented Uptake in Junk Removal for Danville, California

Bay Wide Hauling Sees Unprecedented Uptake in Junk Removal for Danville, California

Danville, United States; 23, September 2016: These days, many people are improving their homes and businesses. As one can imagine, there is a lot of waste that gets generated during the remodeling process. For many individuals and organizations, it isn’t feasible to remove any junk by themselves.

The obvious answer is to hire a junk removal firm. In Danville, California, Bay Wide Hauling has seen unprecedented demand for junk removal services.


The main reason people use Bay Wide Hauling for junk removal is down to the convenient pickup service. Customers in Danville want to know that they can arrange a pickup with the least amount of hassle. The good news is that Bay Wide Hauling makes it simple to organize a junk removal pickup.

All a customer needs to do is fill in the quick and easy contact form on their website. It’s also possible to arrange a collection by calling Bay Wide Hauling on (925) 349-5328. Once a convenient date and time get arranged, Bay Wide Hauling do the rest.

Clear pricing policies

Another reason for Bay Wide Hauling’s rise in the uptake of junk removal services is the pricing. The sad truth about many companies in the industry is they don’t offer clear pricing policies. That makes it hard for their customers to determine how much they will get charged. As a result, they could end up paying a lot more than anticipated.

Bay Wide Hauling have a clear price structure set out on their website. They charge by the volume of space taken up on a truck. If a client is unsure how much space will get used, the firm can assist with an estimated cost. They do that by asking about the type of junk that needs uplifting and how much space it currently occupies.

An eco-friendly waste disposal company

Some people assume junk removal specialists only use landfill sites. But, nothing could get further than the truth with Bay Wide Hauling. The company is proud of the fact that it recycles the vast majority of junk collected from customers.

On average, they recycle a minimum of 60%. That means the environmental impact is low per job.

Experts in residential and commercial junk removal

Both residents and businesses in Danville use Bay Wide Hauling each day. They offer a comprehensive set of junk removal services for domestic and business customers.

Some of the items collected include electricals, kitchen appliances, and garden waste. They also collect items such as scrap metal, wood, and old computer equipment.

About Bay Wide Hauling:

Bay Wide Hauling is a fully insured company that specializes in junk removal. They offer a complete package of services to both domestic and commercial customers. Bay Wide Hauling cover Danville and surrounding areas in California.

For Media Contact:
Chris Wilson
Bay Wide Hauling
23 Railroad Ave Ste 393
Danville, CA, 94526, United States
Tel: +1 (925) 349-5328

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