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Bearded Dragon Insider Says Owners Determine How Long Bearded Dragons Live

Bearded Dragon Insider Says Owners Determine How Long Bearded Dragons Live

Torrance, CA – Bearded dragons have become an interesting hobby for a growing number of fans. At Bearded Dragon Insider, located at , expert Ryan Cameron offers tips and advice on raising bearded dragons successfully through books and videos. Ryan’s material consists of two ebooks and eight videos, and a launch-celebrations sale enables customers who order the course to save over 60 percent by using the coupon code LAUNCH2015. Additionally, visitors to the site beginning January 20, 2015, will also receive five bonus ebooks covering a multitude of topics related to raising and feeding bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons or Pogonas are an interesting group of reptile species that have become popular pets due to their incredible coloring and gentle nature, even with children. However, many owners make crucial errors when acquiring or raising these pets that can cause harm to the animals and shorten bearded dragon life expectancy. The Bearded Dragon Insider series is designed to prevent these mistakes and help pet owners care for their animals safely and humanely, creating an atmosphere in which they can thrive.

According to Ryan Cameron, “People often ask me ‘How Long do Bearded Dragons Live?’ but it all comes down to the owner. Most Bearded Dragons owners make common mistakes which hurt their bearded dragons and shorten their life. This new course pinpoints these mistakes and helps owners achieve a full bearded dragon lifespan. With two books and eight videos, this series covers every important topic on raising bearded dragons as a hobby and will prove invaluable for both newcomers and veteran bearded dragon owners.”

The topics covered in Ryan’s course include bearded dragon setup, what to do if your bearded dragon won’t eat, breeding bearded dragons and much more.

The promotional launch is for a limited time only, so customers are encouraged to visit the website immediately and order the materials at the current deep discounts.

About Ryan Cameron:

Long time bearded dragon enthusiast and industry-insider Ryan Cameron knows everything there is to know about raising and breeding bearded dragons. With dozens of years in the field, Cameron created Bearded Dragons Insider, an ebooks and videos course which takes the stress out of raising bearded dragons and eliminates common mistakes which shorten bearded dragon life span.

Name: Ryan Cameron
Company: WebHorizons Ltd.
Address: Torrance, CA

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