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Best Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier Company

Best Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier Company

BOC Sciences is an exclusive storehouse of specialty chemicals with the singular aim of providing premium quality standards at reasonable and competitive prices. We are one of the best chemical supply companies catering to domestic as well as international chemical markets. Our research chemical supply has its reach and popularity in various parts of the world. Please take a look at our wide product range. We have in our impressive repertoire of around 850,000 unique chemical compounds and 100,000 probes to be used in a broad spectrum of industries. We take special care regarding the development and optimization of environmentally friendly process.We continuously invest in developing new improved organic chemical synthesis technologies to make a long lasting impression on the domestic and globalmarket.

Here is our Manufacturing Services Database. Take a careful look at the features, switch to the ordering page, and make your request.

  • Manufacture of raw materials, registered GMP starting materials and intermediates from small scale (1kg) to commercial quantities (1000 kg)
  • Production of APIs so as to support drug candidate selections
  • We conduct GLP toxicology as well as clinical studies

Our intensive CRO services cater to contract research for various purposes and objectives such as:

  • Target identification
  • Building blocks
  • Compound synthesis
  • Enzyme chemistry
  • Asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation
  • Biochemical and cellular analysis
  • Preclinical animal tests and
  • Clinical studies.

Our services include:

  • Manufacture and supply of a wide range of research chemicals (from the easily acquired to high-end and rare research chemicals) to the global market including pharmaceutical industries, university laboratories, research and development labs, hospitals and public health departments etc.


  • We have a vast range of specialty chemicals you can order from. BOC Sciences is a massive chemical-supplies online store of substances like APIs, Intermediates, APIs for Veterinary, Natural Compounds, Chiral Compounds, GMP Products, Inhibitors, and Stem Cell Molecules along with OLED, PEG, and Rare Earth Products.


  • To further your research goals we offer technical support in the form of custom synthesis, contract research, chiral resolution, and structure identification by X-ray services.
  • Our packaging unit is specially equipped to pack your order of chemicals as per your specific requirements.


  • We have our own delivery system comprising of trucks and other suitable conveyances to ensure timely delivery of your custom research chemicals as promised.


  • That we are strictly committed to providing premium chemical manufacture can be seen from our repeated success and long lasting relationships with our esteemed customers.

We assure you of our integrity and commitment to bringing to all our customers a high level of service.

There is always room for improvement. We would love to hear your valuable feedback and suggestions for further improvement of our services.

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