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Besto Glass Company Brings Wholesale Lacquered Glass & Laminated Safety Glass For Worldwide Clients

Besto Glass Company Brings Wholesale Lacquered Glass & Laminated Safety Glass For Worldwide Clients

Shandong, China; 22, January 2016: Besto Glass Company presents the best collection of mirrors and glasses with customized patterns and unlimited color choices for customers to choose from at wholesale prices. The collection includes frameless or framed mirrors, laminated and lacquered glasses, safety glasses and lots more.

The company has introduced an incredible aluminum mirror range that comprises mirrors of varied thickness and sizes, besides different color options, such as clear, bronze, grey and others. One can also choose from custom black paint colors for a unique appearance. The spokesperson of the company reveals that their aluminum mirrors are produced using the most advanced technology that adds to their uniqueness and durability. The mirrors are produced from high quality float glass with single or double coated FENZI paint. The mirrors feature more than 90% reflection ratio for a crystal clear image.

Besto also brings the lacquered glass that is made of the float glass and comes with the coating of environment friendly paint. The durable and stable coating makes the glass long lasting and tough for a safe use. Customers can choose the product for a colorful and beautiful appearance of glass panels that have multiple applications. Available in different sizes and in a number of color options, a customer can rest assured of finding the glass panel that can meet his/her unique requirements.

The spokesperson reveals that they specialize in the production of the laminated safety glass, available in a wide range of options with them. They use an improved process with high pressure and temperature to create laminated glasses. The PVB layers on the glass surface make it tough and hardened for a long-lasting and safe use. At the same time, the glass layers are bound solidly to offer it a protection against its brittleness. This kind of glass can withstand large impacts and can be used in doors, windows and other applications to ensure the safety of a building.

Besto Glass Company announces to supply high quality glasses and mirrors at the best prices. One can learn more about the products available with them by visiting the website

About Besto Glass Company:

Besto Glass Company is located in the Famous Glass City of Zibo in Shandong Province, near Qingdao Port, Tengzhou City from the beginning. The company is a highly professional and integrative glass and mirror vendor. The company’s main products are: Silver Mirror, Aluminum Mirror, Safety Mirror, Solar Mirror, Antique Mirror, Clear & Body Tinted Float Glass, Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: 86-15288955589

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