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Bewell Wooden watch gives your new fashionable experience

Bewell Wooden watch gives your new fashionable experience

USA – In order to reduce resource depletion, more and more modern products have been putted into the concept of environmental protection and the watch is one of the very typically example. The remarkable online seller mens wooden watch WATCH CO., LTD released the wooden watch that designed by famous Italian designers. In addition to the natural wood materials, most of their wooden watches also make use of the recycled wood flooring materials to create the real watch with the concept of environmental protection.

By the carefully viewing, people could find that the most outstanding place for this watch should be its unique wood appearance from head to toe. The natural color of the wood watches for men surface looks very pleasing to the eye and they will not lose the elegant feeling as its recycled materials. The wood materials which used for their wood watches have been carefully selected to ensure that this wood watch is biodegradable and will not cause into the allergic reactions.

The general manager from said:¡± We found that today¡¯s watches industry is lack of creativity and everyone is wearing exactly the same metal or plastic watch. For those newly designed wooden watches, market are filled with those wood watches which are not only full of atmosphere of complacency but also have high price. That is why we try our great effort to launch the newly wooden watches.¡±

Environmental Commitment

The weight of the wood watch from is only about 40 grams and their brand has also established cooperation with the US environmental organization. Their promise that they will plan a three after one of their consumers purchase one set of wood watch. This action could help people improve their environmental awareness.

The maintenance for the wooden watch

In fact, the men wooden watch has the same performance as the modern metal and plastic watch. But, there is something different for the maintenance methods for those two sorts of watches. For the wood watch, people should put it to a dry place because the too wet environment will make the wood become mold. On the other hand, the wooden watch will always has such gaps so people should try their best to avoiding the contact with water, such as swimming or diving and other activities.


Bewell¡¯s specialized is the production of exquisite wrist watches. The main products, many of them original and unique, include wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic watches, alloy watches, and other materials, including plastic, and all are made to high and exacting standards. Visit:


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